Gerontology is the multi-disciplinary study of the processes of aging from conception to death with special focus on the later life cycle and the problems associated with aging and the aged in society. Individuals working in the field of aging need a broad range of knowledge that transcends a single academic discipline. The Gerontology Program at Weber State University is designed to:  (1) provide preparation for employment in both the private and public sector including working with senior citizen centers, nutrition programs, housing projects, long-term care facilities, state and local aging programs, Hospice, research, senior volunteer programs, job services, retirement planning and other age-related employment; (2) provide continuing education for job enrichment and preparation for persons already in the aging employment sector through consultation, workshops and academic courses to enhance career opportunities; (3) provide general education courses designed to assist students in understanding and dealing with older persons within their family and society at large; (4) encourage students to go directly into aging employment and/or to seek graduate degrees in gerontology or related fields leading to positions in national, regional and local aging network sectors.

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