Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Manufacturing Engineering Technology is a program offered under the Department of Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology.  The Weber State Manufacturing Engineering Technology program has been recognized as one of the outstanding manufacturing technology programs in the country. Students may choose among three emphasis areas within the Manufacturing Engineering Technology Program; Production Operations and Control, Welding, or Plastics and Composites. The Production Operations and Control emphasis area is designed to prepare the student for professional employment in industry by giving them fundamental knowledge and skills in a broad range of manufacturing disciplines and processes. These include process planning, tool and machine design, material selection and treatment, process automation, manufacturing resource planning, Six Sigma methods and tools in manufacturing, and lean manufacturing. State-of-the-art laboratories give the students hands-on experiences with CNC machine tools, robotics, programmable logic controllers, systems integration and the latest in a variety of CAD/CAM systems. Year-long required senior projects have included satellites, hybrid electric vehicles and computer integrated manufacturing cells and others which help students gain confidence in their abilities while gaining additional insight and skills in both teamwork and human relations.

The Manufacturing Engineering Technology with Welding Emphasis is designed to produce welding engineering technology graduates that are involved in the concept, design, engineering, and metallurgy of weldments and implementation of welding processes in any manufacturing or technical industry. The program has six main areas of study: welding and manufacturing, design and structural, metallurgical, quality assurance, electrical, and management. The courses are designed to give students, the background to solve welding related issues in a variety of industry settings. Students will learn how to set up welding quality systems with procedures and qualifications. Most of the classes have labs where students receive hands on training to complement the classroom instruction. Students complete a senior project with a team that brings together their experience and education.

The Manufacturing Engineering Technology Plastics and Composite Emphasis is designed to prepare the student for professional employment in the plastic/composite industry. Students will learn firsthand about the complex interdependence between plastic/composite process, materials, tooling, and part design. The design portion of the emphasis will provide the knowledge and skills required to fulfill a number of career roles that focus on the product development process, which includes plastic part design. Another phase of this education delves into the differences between the many types of plastics as well as the properties which differentiate plastics from other materials. This emphasis will also expose the students to a wide variety of tooling from the many plastic disciplines. This includes injection, thermoforming, blow molding, extrusion dies and high/low tech composite molds. This exposure provides the students with a keen understanding of the function, construction, and multi-component interactions involved in well-constructed plastics tooling.

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