Teacher Education: Undergraduate

Results of Assessment

  1. Based on your program’s assessment findings, what subsequent action will your program take?

In our December department meeting, we will review the assessment findings.  Level teams will then meet to determine where responsibility for teaching and reteaching will reside.

2. We are interested in better understanding how departments/programs assess their graduating seniors. Please provide a short narrative describing the practices/curriculum in place for your department/program. Please include both direct and indirect measures employed.

All graduates are assessed during the student teaching semester.  The two main assessments are the Student Teaching Final Evaluation and Teaching Support Documents.  The Student Teaching Final Evaluation is a summative evaluation resulting from at least five observations of the teacher candidate in the classroom setting.  This evaluation form and accompanying rubric were developed by a group of professors from multiple Utah teacher preparation universities and representatives from the Utah State Board of Education.  It is currently being used by at least four of the ten teacher preparation universities in Utah with other universities eying implementation in the coming year.  This evaluation is collected by the student teaching office.
The Teaching Support Documents (TSD) are unit lesson plans along with all other “teacher work” that goes into the planning, teaching, assessing, reflecting cycle.  These are evaluated using a rubric created by a team from the department.  The rubric has been piloted and adapted three times.  Students are introduced to the planning, teaching, assessing, reflecting cycle early in their program and they turn in teaching support documents (of various types) in several classes prior to the student teaching semester.   The final TSD is collected in the Student Teaching Seminar course for each program. 

The full report is available for viewing.