Results of Assessment


  1. Reflecting on this year’s assessment(s), how does the evidence of student learning impact your faculty’s confidence in the program being reviewed; how does that analysis change when compared with previous assessment evidence?

The process of this annual review is only a part of an overall process for accreditation. The assessment results presented here, in conjunction with other efforts in the department, give us confidence that the program and the quality assurance system put in place are functioning well. We are in a period of transition as we develop new measures for the claims we make about graduates. Although the results in this report are positive, we will feel more confidence with data collected from our new tools.Many changes have been made in the past two years and faculty are beginning to see a trend in systematic data collection.Additionally, since the measures are being created and piloted by department teams, there is greater investment in the outcomes.

  1. With whom did you share the results of the year’s assessment efforts?

This year’s assessment efforts are not being shared publicly due to the changing nature of our measures. They were shared with the accreditation team that visited and conducted the audit November 11-13, 2014. They provided favorable feedback. We have not yet received the report from the visit, but feel confident that we are headed in the correct direction.

  1. Based on your program’s assessment findings, what subsequent action will your program take?

We are continuing the development of our measures.  We will also be working on establishing validity and reliability of these measures.  When we have valid and reliable measures, we can have confidence they are accurately assessing the outcomes.

The full report can be viewed here.