Dental Hygiene

Assessment Plan

Updated: January, 2016
Current for the 2016/17 Academic Year


Semester 1:  First Year Fall Semester                                                                                               

DENT 2201  Didactic            Concepts of Community Oral Health        Bossenberger
DENT 2205  Didactic            Head/Neck/Dental Anatomy                      Perry
DENT 2206  Clinic/Lab         Clinical Dental Hygiene I/Rad                    Costley/Caldwell
DENT 2207  Didactic            Dental Hygiene I                                           Costley
DENT 2208  Didactic            Radiology                                                       Caldwell
DENT 2250  Didactic            Professional Ethics                                       McConaughy

Semester 2:  First Year Spring Semester                                                                                                  

DENT 2211  Didactic            Oral Pathology                                              Perry
DENT 2215  Didactic            Periodontology                                             McConaughy
DENT 2216  Clinic                Clinical Dental Hygiene II                           Costley
DENT 2217  Didactic            Dental Hygiene II                                         Costley
DENT 2235  Didactic            Dental Medicine I                                         Naylor

Semester 3:  Second Year Fall Semester                                                                                                 

DENT 2219  Didactic/Lab    Dental Materials                                           Naylor/Costley
DENT 3305  Didactic/Lab    Dental Medicine II                                        Naylor/Perry
DENT 3336  Clinic                Clinical Dental Hygiene III                          Alexander
DENT 3337  Didactic            Dental Hygiene III                                        Alexander
DENT 4530  Didactic            Evidence-based DH Practice                       McConaughy

Semester 4:  Second Year Spring Semester                                                                                           

DENT 3301  Didactic/Lab    Community Service Learning                    Bossenberger
DENT 3346  Clinic                Clinical Dental Hygiene IV                         Alexander
DENT 3347  Didactic            Dental Hygiene IV                                       Alexander
DENT 4780  Didactic           Baccalaureate Thesis                                   McConaughy
DENT 4890  Didactic/Lab    Advanced Comm/Clinic Wk Exp                Bossenberger


On file:  Dr. Ezekiel R Dumke College of Health Professions Dental Hygiene Department Office
*Syllabi and modules containing learning objectives are available
*Artifacts that show a range of student’s accomplishments are available