Construction Management Technology

Results of Assessment

1) Reflecting on this year’s assessment(s), how does the evidence of student learning impact your faculty’s confidence in the program being reviewed; how does that analysis change when compared with previous assessment evidence?
We are confident that we have the procedures in place to properly review the program. As we look at the data, spring 2013 semester falls below the other three semesters. We will continue to watch the data to see if this is an isolated incident or a trend. The one area of concern is engineering concepts. Joe Wolfe – along with the adjuncts that teach the related courses – will be looking into possible causes and responses.
2) With whom did you share the results of the year’s assessment efforts? 
The results were shared in a faculty meeting held on September 9, 2013.

3) Based on your program’s assessment findings, what subsequent action will your program take?
As stated above we have formed a committee to look into engineering concepts. In our meeting we discussed the outcomes for the AIC exam and Senior Project. Based upon this discussion we will be placing a greater emphasis on writing and application of the body of knowledge to project specific scenarios in the coursework. 
To access the full report, select this link: Construction Management 2012/13 Annual Assessment Report