Math Placement

Last Updated Date: April 18, 2017
Effective Date: March 31, 2017

Placement Options

How to find the right math class for you

Once you determine your placement level from the options listed below, you will have a choice of course format – based on learning preferences. Discuss your placement and course options with your academic advisor or the Developmental Mathematics Advisor. Email for additional information or to make an appointment with the Developmental Mathematics Advisor.

Mathematics Placement is designed to place you in the highest level course in which you are able to succeed. 

Option 1: Rubric Placement

If you can provide a High School GPA and an ACT math score to the university, you will not need to take a placement test. These scores do not expire for placement Math 1010 and below. They are good for 2 years for Math 1030 and higher. Self-assessments and talking with an advisor will help you verify you are taking the right class. Submit your GPA and math ACT score to the Office of Admissions. Check the Placement Rubric to find your placement.

Option 2: Placement Testing

If you want to challenge your rubric placement OR have no rubric placement you will take a placement test.

ALEKS Mathematics Placement AssessmentIn addition to being a placement test, ALEKS provides the opportunity to review and learn math skills so you can increase your course placement. The ALEKS Placement Test fee includes access to review modules, practice tests, and limited test retakes for a 6-month period of time.

Additional test options. ALEKS is recommended for all students, but if you have a specific preference, you may take the Accuplacer (placement in Math 1030 and above only) or the Residual Math ACT test. Click the test name for more information.

Option 3: Register for Math 0950 Prealgebra

You can register for Math 0950 without a math placement. In this class you will learn the basic operations of add, subtract, multiply and divide with positive and negative numbers, fractions, and decimals. Other topics include ratio, proportion, percent, and solving simple equations with one variable. If you are capable with these math topics, you are strongly encouraged to seek placement in a higher course.

Check with your college advisor before enrolling in your first math class to ensure you register for the course most appropriate for your major. Many programs require you to take a specific Quantitative Literacy (QL) course to satisfy major requirements.

Placement Levels

Level WSU Course Placement Placement Criterion
0 No current placement No scores; see your academic advisor for options
1 MATH 0950 0.0 - 18.9 0 - 13 -- --
2 MATH 0970 or MATH 0990 19.0 - 20.9 14 - 29 -- --
3 MATH 1010 21.0 - 23.2 30 - 45 21 or higher --
4 MATH 1030 (QL) or MATH 1040 (QL) or MATH 2010 -- 46 - 100 21 or higher CLM 20 - 49
5 MATH 1050 (QL) or MATH 1060 or MATH 1080 (QL) -- 55 - 100 23 or higher CLM 50 - 69
6 QL requirement satisfied -- 65 - 100 26 or higher CLM 70 or higher

Placement Expiration

Be aware that your placement can expire if you do not begin your math course within a certain period of time (see below). Enroll in math within your first year to avoid expiration and potential delays in your graduation.

Placement Scores that Expire after 24 Months

  • ALEKS scores
  • ACCUPLACER scores
  • Math ACT scores for placement into MATH 1030, 1040, 1050, 1080, or 2010 (after 24 months you can enroll in MATH 1010 or take a placement test)

Placement Scores that Do Not Expire

  • Rubric scores for MATH 0950-MATH 1010
  • Math ACT score for placement into MATH 1010
  • Any placement score that satisfies the Quantitative Literacy (QL) requirement (Note: While these scores will always satisfy the QL requirement, the score will expire as a prerequisite for higher-level math courses after 24 months)

Placement and Completing your Quantitative Literacy (QL) Requirement

Your placement indicates where you need to begin in one of the following Math sequences to fulfill your QL requirement. Check with your college advisor if you are not sure which sequence and/or QL course is most appropriate for your major.

  • MATH 0950 → MATH 0990 → MATH 1010 → any MATH QL course or
  • MATH 0950 → MATH 0970 → MATH 1010 → any MATH QL course or 
  • MATH 0950 → MATH 0970 → MATH 1030 or 1040 or
  • MATH 0950 → MATH 0990 → MATH 1010 → MATH 2010 → MATH 2015 → MATH 2020 (for elementary education majors) or 
  • MATH 0950 → MATH 0970 → MATH 2010 → MATH 2015 → MATH 2020 (for elementary education majors)

Once you pass a prerequisite math course, the course is valid for 24 months before it expires as a prerequisite.  Some math courses are offered in several formats. Visit the Developmental Math website for more information about selecting the best format for your major and learning style.

To satisfy the QL requirement you must complete one of the following:

  • Earn a "C" or better in MATH 1030, 1040, 1050, 1080 or 2020 or
  • Earn a "C" or better in any math course for which either MATH 1050 or 1080 is a prerequisite or
  • Score 3 or higher on AP Calculus exam or
  • Score 3 or higher on AP Statistics exam or
  • Score 70 or higher on ACCUPLACER College Level Math (CLM) or 
  • Score of 26 or higher on Math ACT or
  • Score of 65 or higher on ALEKS

Questions about Placement?