Placement Testing

If you want to challenge your rubric placement OR have no rubric placement, you will take a placement test.

ALEKS Mathematics Placement Assessment

In addition to being a placement test, ALEKS provides the opportunity to review and learn math skills so you can increase your course placement. The ALEKS Placement Test fee includes access to review modules, practice tests and limited test retakes for a 6-month period of time.

ALEKS is recommended for all students, but if you have a specific preference, you may take the Residual Math ACT test.

Please note: Although Accuplacer math tests are no longer given as of 2019, WSU Accuplacer math scores will be honored for two years from when they were taken. As is university policy, Accuplacer math scores taken elsewhere will not be honored at WSU.

Get Advising!

Check with your college advisor before enrolling in your first math class to ensure you register for the course most appropriate for your major. Many programs require you to take a specific Quantitative Literacy (QL) course to satisfy major requirements.