English Placement

Last Updated Date: October 24, 2016
Effective Date: March 31, 2017

Your English placement is based on your ACT or ACCUPLACER scores (if you took the SAT, your scores will be converted to an equivalent score).  If you did not take the ACT, you should take the Reading Comprehension and Sentence Skills ACCUPLACER tests to obtain your placement. Non-native English speakers should contact the Learning English for Academic Purposes (LEAP) Program (801-626-6028) for placement testing.

Level WSU Course Placement Placement Criterion
English (E) & Reading (R)
Sentence Skills (SS) &
Reading Comprehension (RC)
0 No current placement No scores; see your academic advisor for options
1 ENGL 0900 12 or lower in either E or R 39 or lower in either SS or RC
2 ENGL 0955 13 - 16 in either E or R 40 - 89 in either SS or RC
3 ENGL 1010 17 or higher in both E and R 90 or higher in both SS or RC
4 ENGL 2010 29 or higher in both E and R --
5 Composition requirement satisfied -- --

Placement Test

Weber State offers ACCUPLACER for students who do not have English placement or would like to challenge their initial placement. ACCUPLACER is a placement test used at over 1,500 institutions. ACCUPLACER uses adaptive technology to tailor the test to your skill level by increasing or decreasing the question difficulty based on your responses to previous questions. You may take ACCUPLACER up to 2 times within a 12 month period. See the Testing Center website for fee and test administration information.

Placement Expiration

ACT and ACCUPLACER scores expire after 24 months for English placement. 

Placement and Completing your Composition Requirement

Your placement indicates where you need to begin in one of the following English sequences to fulfill your Composition requirement. 

  • ENGL 0900 → ENGL 0955 → ENGL 1010 → ENGL 2010 or
  • ESL courses → ENGL 1010 → ENGL 2010 (for non-native English speakers)

To satisfy your Composition requirement, you must earn a "C" or better in ENGL 2010. Some Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees only require successful completion of ENGL 1010.

Questions about Placement?

Contact the English Department (801-626-6251) with questions regarding English course placement.