WILDCAT RENAISSANCE: Rebirth & Rediscovery in a Modern Age

Introducing the 2023 Employee Learning Week speakers & teachers!

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Mindy Mortensen

Mindy Mortensen has been a botanist of 26 years. A graduate of WSU, she loves teaching people about plants in any setting, but growing food is what she feels she most needs to share. She has 4 kids and lots of pets and a huge garden.

Heidi Costello

Heidi Costello has worked for Weber State for 7 years, currently as an academic advisor and adjunct instructor for the nutrition department. When she is not working, Heidi likes to spend time with her two boys, husband, and cat. Heidi loves Disney and all things geeky.

Ty Naylor


Amanda Gentry

Amanda is a geologist by training, with a B.S. in Geology from Weber State and a M.S. in Geology from UNLV. She has been an adjunct at Weber since 2016 and in 2020, she became the Coordinator for Community Engagement for the College of Science and has focused on getting science into the community in a more sustainable and engaging way. She has seen how messy and fun science can help shape and change a child's experience and thoughts about science. Using her experience as a scientist, inventor, explorer and more; she hopes to help you understand science in a new light and to have some fun tools to help you spread the love of science to everyone you meet!

Hannah Stedge

Hannah Stedge is a certified athletic trainer teaching in the Department of Athletic Training in the Dumke College of Health Professions. Hannah and her family enjoy homesteading and raise goats and chickens. Finding creative uses for goat's milk is a new specialty of Hannah's and she has found that making goat's milk soap is a fun and practical experience that she would love to share with others!

Gretchen Reynolds

Gretchen Reynolds is a puppeteer, painter, and performance artist. She has enjoyed teaching as adjunct faculty at Weber State University for over twenty years.

Sara Erickson

Sara Erickson, owner of The Cozy Home Organizing, has been organizing professionally since 2018. Before starting her company, she worked in Higher Education Administration at the U of U and University of Pennsylvania. She loves true crime, puzzles, and traveling. She lives in Layton with her husband, two kids, and two dogs. 

Laura Thompson

Laura Thompson leads campus equal opportunity, Title IX and accessibility efforts as the Executive Director of the AA/EO Office.  Laura has been teaching yoga for almost 20 years and was the creator and owner of TimeLess Yoga in South Ogden for 10 years, teaching yoga students and yoga teacher trainees.

Hilary Lambert

Hilary Lambert is a PhD student at the University of Utah in the Parks, Recreation, and Tourism department, the Executive Director of the Wasatch Mountain Institute, and an adjunct professor at Weber in the OCRE department. She is passionate about teaching, learning, and playing outside and about all things natural. She enjoys cooking naturally- with whole-food, healthy ingredients...but as a student, educator, and mom of 2, she doesn't always have a lot of time. Come learn about Hilary's tips and tricks for cooking and eating healthy, homemade food even on a busy schedule.

David Rodriquez, Ryan Belnap & Alan Ferrin

Meet a few of the CATS (Creative Academic Technology Solutions) team. This team works with the campus community to help incorporate technology and collaborate to arrive at creative solutions.

Chaz Steimel & Daniel Jensen

Chaz & Daniel are part of the WSU Data team striving to promote data literacy across campus. Chaz Steimel is the Assistant Director of Budget and Institutional Research and has been at Weber State University for 8 years and Daniel Jensen has been in his current role as the Data Training & Communication Manager for 5 months, but with the institution for over 7 years. 

John Trimble

John C. Trimble is an Associate Professor of Spanish and linguinstics at Weber State University and co-founder of Foodscaping Utah, a nonprofit organization that helps people get started growing food in beautiful frontyard foodscapes. As a food, health and environmental activist, John believes everyone who eats should be passionate about food and that growing food in our landscapes is how we can reconnect not only with where real, healthy food comes from, but with natural beauty and a sustainable lifestyle.

Joanne Hansen & Joy Shelton

Joanne Hanson (Widow, Emily O Hanson) Born Salt Lake City, Utah, Weber State Graduate Volunteer and Teacher since 1996 Ogden Family History/Search Center, Mother, Grandmother, Greatgrandmother.  

Joy Shelton daughter to Emil and Joanne Hanson. Born in Ogden, Utah. Weber State Certificate/Cosmetology 1984, Inherited a great love for Family History and Personal History from my parents. Blogger at ourjoyfulnest.com for since 2009. Scrapbooker, Wife, Mother, Grandma. 

Mackenzie Glover

Mackenzie Glover is the Learning Assistant & Supplemental Instruction Coordinator here at WSU. She has worked with student employees for 3 years, and trains her employees on multiple topics such as goal-setting, questioning techniques, overcoming imposter syndrome, etc. Mackenzie recently graduated with her Masters degree in Education with an emphasis in Higher Ed., and is a proud WSU Alum. Her hobbies include reading, knitting, and traveling. She lives in Ogden with her husband, whom she met in her second year at WSU. 

Myranda Knudson

Myranda has worked for Weber State for almost 7 years now, 4 of which in the Study Abroad Office as the Admin, and more recently the Global Connections Coordinator. She has 2 hobbies in life-- cake decorating and astrophotography. Over the years her self-taught skills have improved significantly and now shares this hobby with the community via Weber State's Community Education program, because it's a lot easier to learn from someone than to teach yourself! She enjoys spending time with her husband, Christian, their two chihuahuas, Lucy and Racer, and polydactyl cat, Margaret.

Emma Nettleton


Jeremy Harvey


Kyle Peterson


Carlee Madsen

A graduate of Weber State University, Carlee helped create the Peace Initiative at Utah State University, where she teaches conflict courses, provides training for students receive conflict management and peace-building certificates, and mentors students in becoming peer mediators on campus.

Kevin Goodrich


Anneli Byrd

Anneli Byrd is an advisor at the student success center. Almost 30 years ago she took a community education  class in Ukrainian Egg Decorating while living in Arizona and has been decorating eggs and teaching classes ever since

Briana Scroggins


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