Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day

Every year WSU participates in the nationwide Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day. On this day, employees are invited to bring a daughter, son, or grandchild (ages 8-18) to work with them and show off what they do here at Weber State University.

The Event

This event began in 1992 as a way to get girls more involved in planning for their futures. A one-day local event soon went national, and began a legacy of
involving children in actively participating in realizing their dreams. Designed to be more than just a career day, our focus goes beyond simply shadowing a
parent in everyday duties. By expanding future opportunities for children in both their work and family lives, everyone is strengthened and empowered.

By bringing employees and children together at this event we hope to:

  • Start children thinking about their future
  • Highlight the value of an education
  • Introduce them to WSU’s educational programs
  • Assist all in reaching their future and career goals at WSU
  • Strengthen connections to their parents’ daily activities and responsibilities

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More Info

  • We have funding and approval for one child per employee only. We believe the experience is likely to be more positive for both employee and child if your attention is not divided over several individuals and age ranges, etc.
  • This program is only available to dependent children and grandchildren of WSU employees. Please do not register to bring nieces, nephews, cousins or friends. Registration is for direct dependents or those for which an employee has primary custody.
  • Prior to participating, please discuss with your supervisor and decide whether your work space is appropriate for a child.
    If where you work is not condusive for children, you could participate in some of the other activities, and not plan to spend time in your specific area.
  • Those at other WSU campuses aside from the Ogden campus can particiate in this event. However, some activities (breakfast, lunch voucher, VP welcome, etc.) will be accessible only at the Ogden campus.
  • If your workload does not allow for you to spend an entire day participating in this event, you may participate in whatever manner you feel is best. You could bring your child in for a few hours in your office only, or bring them up just for the address and breakfast, etc.

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Foundation

Contact Us 

Questions? You can reach us at owl@weber.edu.