Ott Planetarium Staff


I was raised in Florida, love to travel, and have a deep adoration of the human race, which is partially what made me declare my major as physics; I want to help humanity progress and flourish through research and science, so that heroic and valiant human attributes such as our ingenuity, imagination, courage, compassion, and wit survive for the next thousand years and more. I've also played the violin for roughly 20 years and spent a small fraction of my life in Africa.

 I love videogames and fantasy books as much as I love science and our natural universe and have spent a lot of my life writing my own stories and creating my own worlds. Currently, for the past few years, I've also been working as a screenwriter on an animated television series, so one day after I earn my doctorate in physics, I hope to come back to school and study film creation as well.

I am a freshman at Weber State and a Physics major.  My favorite food is sushi!  I love Formula 1 Racing and Red Bull Racing is my favorite team.  THEY ARE AWESOME!  Electronic music is my jam, and the best deep sky object is the Pleiades Star Cluster (M45).  So pretty!

Hi! I'm Rachell!  I am a physics major on the Astrophysics track and have been working hard at my degree.  I will graduate in 2021. FINALLY!  Liverpool Soccer is my favorite sports team.  My favorite beauty in the deep sky is the Swan Nebula; it's so mysterious and ethereal.  I silversmith turquoise jewelry in my free time and have run my own shop since 2018.

I am me

me am I

Mexican Food in my mouth


I'm an English major and a senior.  I will graduate this semester! Yay!  I love yellow curry and also enjoy ballet.  The Andromeda Galaxy is so dreamy and lovely and is fun to find in the night sky.  I have an identical twin, but we really are not so alike.  I'm currently writing the script for the new Ott Planetarium show about terraforming Mars.
I'm Carson and am a junior here at Weber.  I'm a phyics major and have been working at the planetarium for almost 1 year.  Chips and Salsa--any kind of salsa!-- makes me happy!  American football is the best sport in the universe  The best GALAXY in the universe is the M31 galaxy, the Andromeda Galaxy.  In addition to being an avid sports fan, I can also recite the first 50 digits of pi.  BOOM! (mic drop)
I'm a senior in the Physics major and am pursuing the Astrophysics track.  I love to eat Buffalo Wings, while watching Fencing and Basketball, but not while doing them.  My favorite deep sky object is Messier 64, "The Black Eye Galaxy".  Sabaton, Powerwolf and Dragonforce are some of my favorite bands. Metal Rules!
Hello! I am the Assistant Director of the Weber State University Public Observatory and I am also a physics major on the Astrophysics track. But I almost decided to major in marine biology.  I think I made the right choice. I like to eat food, and anything on a plate is my favorite.  I'm a die-hard Colorado Avalanche fan, and I will be forever!  I do NOT have a favorite deep sky object because that is like asking me to pick my favorite child. They're all my favorite.  I also teach an astrophotography community course in my spare time.

I have been attending Weber State since 2015.  I am pursuing a second bachelor's degree in Physics and Math.  My first degree is also from Weber State, in Journalism class of 2001.  I fell in love with the planetarium after asking to volunteer there.  Seeing guests' faces as they enter the theater and look up in wonder is a magical moment for me every time there is a group visiting us.  Being able to communicate to all ages about science, physics and the stars is such a priviledge.  I've learned so much about public speaking, curriculum development, show production and team-building, in addition to astronomy and physics, that I could not have imagined I would hone such skills as I have.

I am also a wife and mother to a doting husband and 2 beautiful, special-needs boys.  I also write in my spare time (what's that though?!) and play piano. As the Assistant Director, I enjoy working with the stellar planetarium staff, and I am pleased and proud to be a part of the Ott Planetarium.