How to Use YuJa in Canvas as a Student

1. Click on YuJa in your course navigation.

2. YuJa will give you the option of either uploading an existing video that you've already recorded or creating a new recording.


3. If you click Upload, make sure Video is selected and then browse to find your file. If you'd like to create a recording, please follow these steps to record your video using the YuJa recorder (this will take you to YuJa's help documentation).


4. Once you've uploaded your video, go to your assignment in Canvas and click Submit.

Find the Text Entry tab and click it to bring up a text editor. Then click on the down arrow icon to find YuJa.

the text entry tab is next to the file upload tab and the down arrow icon is next to the media button


If it's a Discussion, click the Reply box beneath the assignment instructions. This should bring up a text editor.


Click on the down arrow in the tool bar to find the YuJa video selector.


6. Find the video you uploaded previously in your list by scrolling down toward the bottom of the modal window.

7. Select your video and click submit. NOTE: It may take some time before your video processes and shows up.