Exporting Scores from Chi Tester to Canvas

All digital tests will be delivered via Canvas Quizzes by Fall 2022.
View our Faculty Guide on the Chitester to Canvas Quiz Migration.


Here’s how to send Chi Tester scores over to Canvas:

Step 1

First, create your exam in Chi Tester. If you need some help with this, you can read the documentation on how to format a test for Chi Tester.

Step 2

Course associations so that the correct scores are sent to the correct CRN

After you’ve created your exam in Chi Tester, click on Export Results to the Canvas gradebook. Check that your exam is correctly associated with your current semester’s CRN. You should have set this up initially while creating the exam. If it’s not associated with the correct CRN, click Associations and point it to the correct CRN.

Step 3

Check to make sure the assignment names are the same in Chi and Canvas

Next, type in the assignment name. This is the name that will be displayed in the Canvas gradebook. You must enter a name in the Assignment Name field to have your scores pushed from Chi Tester to Canvas.

Note: It is strongly recommended that you do not create the assignment in Canvas. Let Chi Tester create it and send it over.

If you prefer to create the assignment in Canvas, you will need to make sure the assignment name in Canvas is identical to the assignment name field in Chi Tester. For example, if you create an assignment in Canvas called "Midterm 1," make sure you name it "Midterm 1" in the Assignment Name field in Chi Tester. Also be sure it's an assignment, not a quiz, in Canvas.

Step 4

Now review your parameters.

Attempts: If you allow multiple test attempts in Chi Tester, which attempt would you like to send over to Canvas?

Scores: This displays the name of all students who are enrolled in the associated CRN’s and their test scores if they’ve taken the test.

Send scores as a percentage will send students results as a percentage, the associated assignment in Canvas will show "out of 100."

You can send scores as raw scores or percentages
Send score as points (raw score) will send student results as points. By default, the associated assignment in Canvas will show "out of 0." The points possible will change after the students’ scores are sent for the first time OR you can edit the assignment in Canvas and set the total points.

Automatically Send New Scores: If you want scores to automatically send from Chi Tester to Canvas, check the Automatically Send New Scores option.
You can select to automatically send new scores

Step 5

Click "Save & Send Changes."

This will send the Assignment Name to the Canvas gradebook. You can send the column before the semester starts, but you must have the correct CRN associated with the exam in Chi Tester.

NOTE: If you need assistance with this process, please contact Chi Tester support at 801-626-6477.

Other Important Notes

  • Before the column is created in Canvas you have to click “Save and Send Changes” in Chi Tester.
  • When the assignment is created in Canvas, it will be created in the first assignment group listed under the assignment tab. You can move the assignment to the correct group once it has been created.