Best Practices Course Review

Step 1

Review your own course using this Best Practices document. Save the document to bring with you to the course review.

Step 2

Identify areas of your course that are strengths.

Step 3

Identify best practices components that are missing from your course or need improvement.

Step 4

Revise your course to include missing items or make improvements.

Step 5

Once your course meets all required areas, schedule a meeting with an Instructional Designer. Include your department chair if you're teaching fully online and wish to earn additional funding. Please allow at least two weeks notice.

Step 6

Your $250 stipend will be processed once your course is approved by an Instructional Designer. Fully online courses reviewed with your department chair qualify for an additional department stipend of $250.

Face-to-face instructors are required to use technology (Canvas) to deliver or manage a significant portion of their course content in order to qualify for the stipend.

Additional resources

The WSU Instructional Design team also recommends using the following shared resources from Chico State University: