Best Practices Course Review


Step 1 - Find Time to Meet

Schedule a meeting with an Instructional Designer (I.D.) by sending an email request to Be sure to include your CRN (one course per meeting). Please allow at least two weeks for us to review your course.


Step 2 - Review Your Own Course

Using this Best Practices document, complete the "Faculty Course Info" and "Faculty Review Notes" sheets prior to the meeting you scheduled above. It is critical that you review your course before the meeting. The meeting may be postponed until the faculty provides the requested information.


Step 3 - Attend Your Review Meeting

The I.D. will complete the "ID Review Notes" sheet and you will both discuss your review findings and notes in the best practices review meeting (phone, video conferencing, or face-to-face).


Step 4 - Make Changes

After your review meeting, update your course by incorporating the agreed upon changes. These updates should be made within three weeks of the BP review meeting, unless other arrangements have been made with your I.D.


Step 5 - Get Paid

You will receive a one-time $250 individual stipend via a Payroll Action Request (P.A.R) once your course changes are checked and approved by your I.D.

Face-to-Face or Hybrid Courses: You are required to use technology (Canvas) to deliver your course content and to collect and grade class assignments in order to qualify for the stipend.

Online Courses: You may invite your department chair* to participate in the review meeting for an additional $250 awarded to the department as a funds transfer.

*Department Chair Involvement - Department chairs are invited to collaborate and discuss the design and delivery of online courses in their department. To qualify for $250 department funds transfer, the chair agrees to:

  • Be prepared to clarify department level objective(s) associated with the course being reviewed
  • Attend and be actively engaged during the entire BP review meeting
  • Take notes of the agreed upon edits to the course
  • Support the review process by following up with the faculty member on the agreed edits


Step 6 - Connect With Student Success Initiatives

To promote student engagement across campus, the Student Success Engagement Committee has created the High Impact Educational Experiences (HIEE) taxonomy. Along with the best practices review document, faculty are encouraged to consult the HIEE document to assess their current course to include high-impact educational experiences.