Best Practices Course Review


Step 1

Schedule a meeting with an Instructional Designer (I.D.) by sending an email to Please provide your course CRN in the meeting request (only one course can be reviewed per meeting). Please request a Best Practices (BP) review meeting date that is at least two weeks out so that your Instructional Designer has sufficient time to review your course.

Step 2

Review your own course using this Best Practices document and take detailed notes for each section. Save the document to bring with you to the BP review. While reviewing your course, identify areas of your course that are strengths, and also identify components that are missing or need improvement.

NOTE: In order to qualify for a individual stipend, face-to-face instructors are required to use technology (Canvas) to deliver their course content, and to collect and grade their assignments.

Step 3

After the BP review, update your course by incorporating the agreed upon changes. These updates should be made within three weeks of the BP Review meeting, unless other arrangements have been made with your I.D.. 

Step 4

You will receive a $250 individual stipend via a P.A.R. once your course is approved by your I.D..

A fully online course reviewed with your department chair present, qualifies for an additional department stipend of $250*.

step 5

To promote student engagement across campus, the Student Success Engagement Committee has created the High Impact Educational Experiences (HIEE) taxonomy. Along with the best practices review document, faculty are encouraged to consult the HIEE document to assess their current course to include high-impact educational experiences.

* Department Chair Involvement - Purpose: To increase the knowledge of the department chair on the design and delivery of online courses in their department. This is accomplished by attending the initial BP Review meeting, listening to the feedback provided by the ID and the faculty member, making note of agreed upon edits to the course, and supporting the ID by following up with the faculty member on making the agreed upon edits to their course.

Minimum requirements to qualify for $250 department funds transfer:

  • Course being reviewed must be delivered fully online

  • Department chair must attend and be actively engaged during the entire BP Review meeting

  • Department chair must be prepared to clarify the department level objective(s) associated with the course being reviewed