Assessment Report Format

The Annual Assessment Report, which provides evidence of learning at the program outcome level, is to be completed and submitted to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness by November 15th of each year. Evidence of learning should be gathered for the immediately preceding academic year, summer through spring semesters. The report should align with the program/department plan for assessment.

The report template can be downloaded here. While departments are welcome to deviate from the template as needed, it is critical that the each key area be addressed:

I - Verification of currency of information at the assessment site, including A - E below, or any needed updates:

A. Introductory Statement
B. Mission Statement
C. Student Learning Outcomes
D. Curriculum Grid
E. Assessment Plan

II - Report of assessment results for the most previous academic year (summer through spring).

A. General Education Courses (if applicable)
B. Major Courses
C. High-impact Learning Courses (capstones, service learning, internships, etc.).

III - Summary of artifact collection procedure

A. The type of artifact
B. The outcome(s) the artifact represents
C. How it is collected
D. Where it is stored

IV - Responses to the following questions:

(Note; these questions may vary somewhat from year-to-year. The following are typical of what is asked.)

A. Reflecting on this year’s assessment(s), how does the evidence of student learning impact your faculty’s confidence in the program being reviewed; how does that analysis change when compared with previous assessment evidence?

B. With whom did you share the results of the year's assessment efforts?

C. Based on your program's assessment findings, what subsequent action will your program take?