Annual Assessment Rubric

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 Item  Response  Comment
Report received            - Yes
 - No
Assessment plan in place for at
least three years out
 - Present and adequate
 - Present but needs attention
 - Not present
 Program-level learning outcomes defined
and published
 - Outcomes are present and measurable
 - Outcomes are present but not measurable
 - Outcomes not present
 Curriculum Grid  - provided with leveled alignments
 - provided with simple alignments
 - not provided
 Evidence of learning  - All (reported) learning outcomes addressed with
direct evidence
 - Some learning outcomes addressed with direct
 - Most evidence is indirect
 - Little or no evidence is provided
 Thresholds of 'acceptable performance'  - All learning outcomes have defined thresholds
 - Some outcomes have defined thresholds
 - No thresholds evident
 Analysis and Action  - Analysis is thorough and action plans articulated
 - Some analysis/action is evident
 - No analysis is provided