This page contains information you might find useful in support of your assessment efforts.

Assessment Documents




  • A rubric provides a means to assess students along a continuum of performance from 'exceptional' to 'does not meet expectations' (or whatever similar terminology best fits your assessment). Well-designed rubrics increase an assessment's construct and content validity when evaluation criteria are aligned to outcomes and curriculum. A well-designed rubric also contributes to assessment reliability by establishing criteria that can be applied consistently and objectively.
  • This link will take you to examples of rubrics from various sources. If you have rubrics that you have found particularly useful and are willing to share them, please forward them to our office.

Using the Vitae Manager in the eWeber Portal

The vitae manager is an application developed by the Web Development group that supports the creation of a basic curriculum vitae (CV). Here are the steps to create your personalized CV:
  1. Using Chrome (preferred), login to the eWeber portal.
  2. Select the 'Faculty Tab', then locate the 'Vitae Manager' application (if it's not there go to content\layout at the top left of the portal page to add it).
  3. Select 'Add New Vitae' (or select 'edit' if yours already exists).
  4. Add the information you want displayed on your CV. Anytime you see the 'Add' icon you should add one item (publication, unique teaching experience, etc.) at a time; this will result in a bulleted list that is easy to read.
  5. Once all items have been added, select 'Save' at the bottom of the screen.
To save a CV to pdf and/or print, do the following (using Chrome):
  1. click the "printable version" link which opens a new tab
  2. press ctrl+p to open the print dialog
  3. make a note of which printer is your current printer
  4. click the "change" button in the "destination" section 
  5. select "save as PDF"
  6. click the "save" button which will open a browse window and ask you where you want to save the PDF
Then be sure to "undo" this process so that you are pointed back at your printer.