Pinnacle Honor Society

Pinnacle Honor Society began in 1989 with a select group of 100 colleges and universities. Today, over 150 institutions of higher learning hold membership in Pinnacle. Weber State University has had a Chapter since 1990 and is affiliated with WSU's Nontraditional Student Center.

Qualifying Criteria

  • Qualify as a nontraditional student (25 years of age or older, a spouse or committed partner or have legal dependents)
  • Be a junior or senior
  • Have a minimum overall grade point average of 3.0 or higher
  • Be involved in AT LEAST THREE campus and/or community activities (including family)
  • Demonstrate leadership and volunteer experience

A $40 one-time membership fee can be paid online.

Each member receives an honor cord, pin, and certificate. Medallions are also available for $10 and can be worn with your cords for graduation.

Pinnacle Mission Statement

The purpose of the Weber State University Chapter of Pinnacle Honor Society for Nontraditional Students is to formally and nationally recognize qualifying nontraditional students for their unique and outstanding accomplishments. The primary goal of the honor society is to provide the deserving qualified students with recognition on a local and national level, which can be used on resumes, applications, etc.


Nontrad Student Center: 801-626-7794