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The Ohana Association



Our goal is to extend, develop, and enhance support systems contributing to the success of all students, with a focused emphasis on the Pacific Islander students, by implementing various efforts and programs which are designed to promote academic, educational, social, and cultural achievemen. 


Weber State University’s Pacific Islander Club, The Ohana Association (TOA) is organized to address issues concerning those of Pacific Island backgrounds, educate people about the diverse Pacific heritages and traditions, as well as recruit, retain, and graduate fellow students. TOA officers, members, and advisor make great efforts implementing meaningful programming to increase and improve avenues of communication and interaction between the university and Pacific Islander community, as well as organize cultural and social events to enhance the campus experience and education of WSU with a more focused lense on the universities Pacific Islander constituency. TOA strives to welcome new PI students to Weber State and provide a forum where they can openly express their experiences and thoughts while offering them moral support and peer guidance. Although TOA is primarily comprised of students from the Pacific Islands, they strongly encourage everyone around to participate. TOA pushes to provide a safe space that fosters a sense of belonging and promotes valuable relationships. While enrolled, TOA is a homebase for students at WSU to harness and develop a passion to become active ambassadors for Pacific Islander peoples that carry further than the institution and out to a variety of communities and society as a whole.

TOA Meetings

For information on TOA meetings and location please contact:

TOA President- Fusimalohi Teisina at 

TOA Vice-President- Finau Tauteoli at 

Advisor- Lulu S. Faumui-Latu-Peters at or 801-626-7006

  • When:  
    • Mondays
  • Where: 
    • SC152
  • Time: 
    • 400-500pm

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The Ohana Association Advisor


2019-20 TOA Leadership

TOA Advisor                                   Lulu S. Faumui-Latu-Peters

2019-20 TOA President                   Fusimalohi Teisina


2019-20 TOA Vice-President           Finau Tauteoli


2019-20 TOA Senator                   Monique HoChing


2019-20 TOA Officers


TOA Secretary                           Latu "Vika" Fakauho


TOA Cultural Specialist           Hawaii Mislang-Darden


TOA Webmaster                   Mallory Hamilton



TOA Events 2020


  • 2nd Annual Intercollegiate Showcase: Of Many Islands on a Common Sea
    • April 11, 2020
    • 6-8 p.m.
    • WSU Shepherd Union Ballrooms
    • Featuring DJ specialist
    • Food made available through Da Kine Grindz and Miso Yum food trucks


Student Life

Volunteering and tabling at the All-Poly Football Camp...

...PI Family Night at Granger High School....

....Pacific Islander Heritage Kick Off Event...

...PI Family Night at Granger High School...

TOA Officers 2018-2019 retreat 

...Pasifika Festival in Provo, UT....

....Pacific Islander High School Conference at UofU to name a few

The Ohana Association (TOA)

Serving on several panel discussions sharing experiences and stories as current WSU Pacific Islander college students


Tailgating with BSU to support our WSU Football team

TOA won Registered Organization of the Year at the 2019 Crystal Crest Award Ceremony

The Ohana Association (TOA)

Serving on several panel discussions sharing experiences and stories as current WSU Pacific Islander college students

Brought back and hosted the Inaugural Intercollegiate Showcase of Many Islands in a Common Sea (formerly known as the Intercollegiate Luau) where 7 institutions statewide (including the Pacific Heritage Academy) took pride in showcasing and celebrating the beauty of several Pacific Island cultures through traditional wear, music, and dance at WSU Davis campus

Attending and participating in the “Rights of Nature” - Meet and Greet w/ Kirsti Luke, Chris Finlayson, and Tamati Kruger. Engaging in conversation of sustainability and cultural relevance