Multicultural Scholars Program

The Center for Multicultural Excellence (CME) Multicultural Scholars Program (MSP) engages students in multicultural relevant learning opportunities that enhance academic achievement, personal development, professional development, and multicultural competence. Participants who are Scholarship/Waiver recipients in the MSP must complete program requirements each semester.

 Who Can Apply

All students (current, incoming freshmen, or transfer students accepted to WSU) who:

  • have a 2.5 GPA or higher.
  • self-identify as an ethnic minority.
  • completed their FAFSA ( for the award year which they are applying for. 
  • completed their Specialized Scholarship Application (eWeber portal) for the award year which they are applying for.
  • will be enrolled full-time, 12 credit hours or more.
  • are a Utah Resident.

Graduate students and students working on their second Bachelors are not able to be nominated.

 Important Dates

  • Nominations open on March 1 each year. 
  • The priority deadline is on the third Friday of April each year. 
  • CME applications are reviewed in the order of completion. 
  • The SSA is available beginning September 1 of each year. To apply, complete the Specialized Scholarship Application (SSA) in the eWeber portal. Note: Make sure you are applying for the appropriate aid year and fill it out completely including the Short Essays fields.

  • All scholarship applicants are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is available beginning October 1 at

 How To Apply

To complete a nomination, a student must make an appointment and meet with a CME counselor. On the day of the appointment, the student will need their W# and must have already completed their FAFSA and Specialized Scholarship Application. The nomination form will ask for the following:

  • Student's name, W#, email, year in school, major, ethnicity, GPA, state residency.
  • Financial need - we get this information from records based on students' FAFSA.
  • Involvement - we want to know what students have been involved with in the past (clubs, organizations, associations, etc.)
  • Community service - we want to know how the student has engaged in serving their communities. Community service are activities that have been done that students are not paid for, are not class requirements, and are not religious callings. 
  • Goals - we will ask the student to share their short term and long term academic and career goals.

 MSP Program Requirements 

2022-23 Program requirements (Fall 2022 & Spring 2023)

  • Attend CME Scholarship orientation once per academic year
  • Meet with counselor 3 times per semester
    • Fall: September, October, and  November
    • Spring: February, March, and April. 
  • Submit midterm grade reflection once per semester, ensure follow up in counselor meeting
    • Fall Grade Reflection Due: October 21, 2022 | Friday
    • Spring Grade Reflection Due: February 24, 2023 | Friday 
  • Read and sign agreement once per academic year.
  • No volunteer hours required for the 2022-2023 academic year.

 Maintaining Eligibility 

  • Maintain a minimum of 2.5 WSU GPA and 2.5 semester GPA.
  • Be up-to-date on eWeber Portal Specialized Scholarship Application (SSA) / submit FAFSA.
  • Maintain a minimum of 12 credit hours or more during the scholarship period.
  • Attend all university classes.
  • Complete "MSP Program Requirements" outlined above.

For more information, call 801-626-7330 or email