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Ceremony of Excellence

The Ceremony of Excellence is a celebration the Center for Multicultural Excellence holds every spring to recognize graduating seniors who have been inducted into a group of distinguished alumni who have demonstrated excellence in a number of categories such as academics, leadership, community, teamwork, diversity, and inclusion.

The Multicultural Stole

""The Multicultural Stole pays homage to the cultures represented in the Center for Multicultural Excellence. 

Embellished on the back of the Multicultural Stole is the WSU Presidential Seal, commemorating the achievement of WSU graduates, a prestigious and highly regarded seal that requires special permission from the Office of the President.   

The Multicultural Stole is adorned with designs resembling waves highlighting the navigators from the 3 subregions of the Pacific Islands: Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia.  The geometric tribal designs are also indicative of “mana” or spiritual force of the warriors of the Pacific Seas.

The flower included on the Multicultural Stole encompass several Asian flowers including the Lotus (symbol of rebirth, purity, and enlightenment), Hibiscus (wealth); Cherry Blossom (new beginnings); Azaleas (prosperity and happiness); and Siamese Tulip (love) all representing new beginnings and renewal.

Following the flowers is the woven serape, a vibrant and highly prized, and prestigious item of clothing in Hispanic/Latinx society. The serape signifies elegance because of its fine weave, striking colors, and harmony of design. 

In Native American cultures, eagle feathers are given in times of great honor. Many tribes present their people with eagle feathers upon graduation to signify the achievement of their educational journey and the honor the graduate brings to their nations.

The Pan African Flag includes the colors red, black, and green. These colors are presented vertically at the bottom of the stole representing Black Liberation. The color red represents Black bloodshed in efforts toward unity and liberation of all people of African ancestry. The color black represents Black liberation that leads and enlightens the rest of the world. The color green represents opportunity, growth, and prosperity, a quality seen in the fertile lands of Africa; it is a reminder of the protection, sustenance, and full potential of a unified nation. 

The Multicultural Stole indicates academic standing among their peers with emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion in a multicultural society. These designs capture the significance of the achievement, navigation, new beginnings, adaptability, elegance, honor, pride, community, cultural wealth, and resilience. The Multicultural Stole commemorates the recipient’s significant contributions while honoring their heritage and history. 

We thank graphic designer, Guadalupe Garcia, for her work in creating this unique graduation garment that will be used for many years to come. A special thanks to the CME team, Tashina Barber, Lulu Faumui-Latu-Peters, Ken Johnson, Cyndie Lynn, Leticia Mata Rodriguez, Michiko Nakashima-Lizarazo, and Mónica Rodriguez for their guidance in the creation of this stole.

Honu & Kukui Nut Lei

""The kukui, also known as the candlenut tree, serves many purposes for natives from the Pacific Islands. Early settlers used the oil extracted from the kukui nut for candles to light the night. The kukui is used today as a lei and is given to noblemen and noblewomen to signify royalty and/or high achievement.

The turtle, or Honu, imprinted on the kukui lei also takes on various meanings in the Pacific Islands including longevity, wellness, family, harmony, and symbolizes the navigator in the Pacific Islands. As you go forth navigating your journey, reflect back on this award and the meaning of the Honu and kukui Lei.

Kukui Nut Lei is given to the Top Seniors.

2021-2022 Ceremony of Excellence Video



Top Graduating Seniors for 2021-2022



Bachelor of Science in Psychological Science | Minor: Asian Studies



Bachelor of Science in Social Work | Minor: Family Studies | Institutional Honors: Summa Cum Laude



Bachelor of Science in Family Studies | Minor: Psychology and Criminal Justice | Institutional Honors: Summa Cum Laude



Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene | Institutional Honors: Cum Laude



Bachelor of Science in Social Work | Minor: Psychology



Bachelor of Arts in Communication | Minor: Localization | Organizational Communication



Bachelor of Science in Nursing | Institutional Honors: Cum Laude



Bachelor of Science in Social Work | Alternative Minor: Social Work | Institutional Honors: Summa Cum Laude



Bachelor of Science in Accounting | Minor: Graphic Design | Cum Laude

Top Graduating Seniors for 2020-2021


Sultan Ayubi

Bachelor of Science in Applied Environmental Geoscience


Salvador Ceja-Monroy

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science | Minor in Spanish | Magna Cum Laude


Nadina Delgado

Bachelor of Science Elementary Education | Specializing in Fine Arts


Gisela Lopez Alonso

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work & Spanish


Patrick Hong-Lok Luo

Bachelor of Science in Athletic Therapy | Summa Cum Laude


Aeriel Martinez

Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood & Elementary Education


Ingrid E. Oseguera

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Commercial Emphasis | Minor in Communication | Cum Laude


Callie Oyama

Bachelor of Arts in Communication | Minor Sound Prod. | Summa Cum Laude

May you continue to light the way for your peers and/or
loved ones as you charter beyond the waters of higher education.

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