Ceremony of Excellence

The Ceremony of Excellence is a celebration the Center of Multicultural Excellence holds every spring to recognize graduating seniors who have demonstrated excellence in a number of categories, such as leadership, teamwork, inclusion/diversity and more. 

Minimum Requirements for Nominees

  • The student must be a senior graduating from WSU. 
  • The student must have at least a 3.2 GPA. 
  • The student must identify as an ethnic minority, and/or have experience working closely with diversity and inclusion initiatives. 

If you are interested in applying for 2018

Please fill out our Ceremony of Excellence application and have your reference fill out the online Letter of Recommendation.

2017 Students Awarded 

2017 top ten seniors

Top Ten Seniors 2017. 

Edward L. Baxter
Bachelor of Science in Social Work
Institutional Honors: Cum Laude

Don Benally
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Fall 2016 (12/16/16)

Richard Campos
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice 

Kamiah Lansing
Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy
Institutional Honors: Magna Cum Laude  

Matthew Lefthand
Bachelor of Science in Family Studies          
Minor: Psychology
Institutional Honors: Summa Cum Laude

Julynette Martinez Gonzalez
Bachelor of Science in Biology Composite Teaching
Fall 2016 (12/16/16)
Institutional Honors: Cum Laude    

Shai anne Nalder
Bachelor of Science in Microbiology 
Minor: Chemistry           
Institutional Honors: Cum Laude

James Riley Painter
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science      

Andrea Salcedo
Bachelor of Science in Psychology              
Bachelor of Science in Family Studies          

Joaquin Zetina Huesca
Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences
Minor: Chemistry 
Institutional Honors: Cum Laude

Please See the link to learn more about the Forrest C,. Crawford ScholarShips:-https://www.weber.edu/multicultural/crawford.html

The 2017 Forrest Crawford Distinguished Stewardship Award Recipient

Joshua X. Pulido Master of Health Administration program
Bachelor of Science, Clinical Laboratory Science, WSU Class of 2005


2016 Students Awarded 

Top Ten Seniors 2016. 

Evan Chief
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Isaac P. Farley
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication

Killupintu S. Garrison
Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion *Magna Cum Laude

Alexis Marquez
Bachelor of Arts in Communication *Cum Laude

Regina E. Okoye
Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology

Ana M. Reyes
Bachelor of Science in Business Multimedia Technology

Marissa A. Smith
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice *Cum Laude

Elijah B. Stucki
Bachelor of Integrated Studies

Jordan D. Winder
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice *Magna Cum Laude

Cassandra J. Caulford 

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice *Cum Laude