Black Scholars United

Black Scholars United is more than a club, it's a community.  We promote unity among Black students through cultural understanding, academic excellence, community involvement, student engagement, and leadership.  We invite you to become an active participant in improving the student experience both on campus and in our surrounding community. 


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The purpose of this organization is to promote leadership, higher learning, and education for Black students at Weber State University. BSU was established in 1968 during the Civil Rights era, when many Black citizens were treated in an unjust manner throughout the American system. Originally designed for Black students with the support from Black faculty and staff as a cohesive union to facilitate educational opportunities, promote higher learning levels that could be achieves in the development for the Black culture and implement ways to assist the economic, social and cultural maturity along with other organizations in the community. However, since 1968 Weber State University has become more ethnically diverse as the student populations grow and as a result we believe that Black Scholars United will open its doors to a more diverse community. This mission is to be achieved by sponsoring community service projects and activities that foster harmony and equality in the WSU community and that encourage unity among- -and maximizes the participation of--Black students in order to insure the success of Black Scholars United.



Byron Warfield Graham Scholarships

Private scholarship for students who are engaged in social justice. 2.5 GPA or higher. Preference will be given to political science  journalism majors, and BSU members. Application available starting July 2018.

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Byron Warfield-Graham Essay Contest

Commemorating BSU's 50th Anniversary

The Byron Warfield-Graham (BWG) Essay Contest honors the 50th Anniversary of the historic establishment of the Black Student Union Club at Weber State University. Established in the fall of 1968, Black students came together during the height of the Civil Rights Movement to secure a safe space and forum to address issues of concern as well as promote a sense of identity and pride. The BWG Essay Contest invites students to connect that history to the current state of affairs on campus and around the country today!

Essay Topic: As you reflect upon 50 years of history at a predominantly white institution, do you feel Black Scholars United, formerly Black Student Union, is a valued and necessary organization at Weber State in the year 2018.
Eligibility: The contest is open to all current WSU students
Essay Length: Essays must be between 500-1000 words. Submissions that do not meet this requirement, or that exceed it, will be disqualified.
Deadline: Essays along with the cover sheet must be submitted no later than 11:59 pm. September 30, 2018
Judging: Essays will be judged on their ability to respond to the topic in an articulate, clear, and organized manner, using examples from their research and experiences. Other criteria include originality, structure and grammar, and how interesting it is.

Topic: Is Black Scholars United (USU) a valued and necessary organization at Weber State University in 2018? students are to elaborate on this question in 500 - 700 words. contest opens September 7 all applications are due September 30  Winner will be announced October 11th at 6:00 PM BSU 50th Anniversary Gala Hurst Center, Dumke Hall

Winners Awards
1st Place: $1,200
2nd Place :$700
3rd Place:$400

Norman C. & Barbara L. Tanner Housing Scholarship

Students who identify as an ethnic/racial minority, and are an incoming freshman may qualify.  

Norman C. & Barbara L. Tanner Dream Weber Scholarship

The scholarship recipient must meet the requirements of the Dream Weber Program:

  • Be a resident of Utah
  • Have a Household income of $40,000 or less
  • Qualify for at least a partial federal pell Grant
  • Be enrolled as an undergraduate at WSU in classes full time (12 credits and above)
  • Preference will first be given to students who self-identify as Black or African American
  • Preference will then given to all other minority student populations
  • Requirements of this scholarship are allowed to change with the criteria of the Dream Weber Program

Uses and Selection Process: The Fund will be used by financial Aid and Scholarship Office to make scholarship awards to students that are eligible for the Dream Weber program, based on the established eligibility criteria and award amounts for the program at the time the award is made. As indicated above, preference will first be given to students who self-identify as Black or African American, followed by reference to all other minority student populations. This award may be used to cover tuition and fees only.  Please see the Financial Aid Office.