Free Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Classes

Class participants will receive:

Free class materials
Free childcare
Free meals at each class
$5 Walmart gift card per person on the first and second nights of class
$10 Walmart gift card per person for completing the class (total of $20/person!)

Welcome to the Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Program at Weber State University. Our goal is to provide educational services to help all individuals, couples, and families to form and sustain healthy relationships and enduring marriages for those who choose marriage. We provide services to the public and all are welcome to participate in our classes. We receive support and funding from the Utah Department of Human Services/Utah Marriage Commission. We are housed in the Department of Child and Family Studies in the Jerry and Vicki Moyes College of Education at Weber State University.

We offer classes for those already in a couple relationship as well as classes to individuals who are currently not in a romantic relationship. The couples classes focus on learning skills that will improve and maintain quality couple relationships. The class for singles focuses on acquiring the knowledge and skills to form a healthy relationship in the future. Please contact us with questions you may have: or


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English Couples Classes

English Singles Classes

Clases para Parejas

Clases para Solteros

The Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Project at Weber State University is funded by a grant from the
Utah Marriage Commission: Utah Department of Human Services, Paul Schvaneveldt, Ph.D., CFLE, Principal Investigator.