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Numerous employer studies show that professional communication skills are highly sought after in the workplace. In fact, many recent studies rank communication as the No. 1 skill employers are looking for. Other communication-related skills are high on the lists.

Outcomes that employers say universities should stress


Learning outcomes               %
Communicate orally and in writing       89
Critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills      81
Ability to apply knowledge and skills to real-world settings       79
Ability to analyze and solve complex problems      75
Ability to connect choices and actions to ethical decisions      75
Teamwork skills, ability to collaborate in diverse settings      71
Ability to innovate and be creative      70
Concepts and new developments in science and technology      70
Ability to locate, organize and evaluate information      68
Ability to understand the global context of situations       67
Global issues and their implications for the future      65
Ability to work with numbers and understand statistics      63

Source: Hart Research Associates, 2010


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Top skills/qualities employers seek in job candidates



Communication skills    4.6
Teamwork skills     4.5
Strong work ethic    4.5
Initiative    4.4
Interpersonal skills    4.3
Analytical skills    4.3
Computer skills      4.3
Flexibility/adaptability    4.3
Problem-solving skills     4.3

(5-point scale: 1 = Not important; 2 = Not very important; 3 = Somewhat important; 4 = Very important; 5 = Extremely important)Source: 2009, National Association of Colleges and Employers


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