About Us

Let’s make it better together! Weber State University, in Ogden, Utah is committed to excellence in education and fostering the best of skills, knowledge, and capacity in its students.  It is also committed to social, economic and environmental sustainability and works, often in partnership with others, to address shared challenges, such as air pollution.  The Davis County and Weber-Morgan Health Departments also have a desire to improve air quality in our region, as clean air is integral to healthy people. One way to do this is to “go electric.”  The “Cut Pollution – Mow Electric Program” offered by WSU and the Davis County and Weber-Morgan Health Departments is an exchange program that replaces polluting gas-powered mowers with zero-emissions electric equipment.  The program provides a low cost way to obtain electric equipment in exchange for recycling gas-powered versions. Going electric means the air is cleaner for the person doing the work, as well as for the wider community.

Weber State University Mission

The overarching mission of the Sustainability Practices and Research Center and the Energy and Sustainability Office at Weber State University is to educate about, implement, and facilitate the adoption of sustainability practices that will improve the health and vitality of our campus and the local and statewide community, through the wise use of resources and reduction of harmful pollutants.  Weber State as an institution is particularly committed to reducing our carbon emissions and transitioning to cleaner, renewable energy sources.  The electrification of operations is a key component of this effort.  The switch to electric based equipment and systems allows for a transition to renewable sources of energy, providing a significant reduction in emissions which contributes toward improving our air quality and ultimately our health.  

Davis County Health Department Mission

The mission of the Davis County Health Department is to promote and protect the health and well-being of Davis County residents and their environment.  Residents and community leaders, in partnership with the Davis County Health Department, have identified air quality as the primary environmental health concern in Davis County.  The Davis County Health Department is committed to addressing air quality as a top priority through our Community Health Improvement Plan and implementation of the Lawn Mower Exchange Event.

Weber-Morgan Health Department Mission

To assess, promote and protect the public health needs of our community, enhance the quality of our environment and assure access to appropriate services delivered by a professional staff dedicated to excellence and innovation.