Molly Smith


Dr. Molly M. Smith
Human Performance
2801 University Circle
Weber State University
Ogden, UT 84408-2801
Fax 801-626-6228




Teaching Assignments
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Foundations of Human Performance Management

Health/Fitness Evaluation & Exercise Prescription


Exercise Physiology

Exercise for Special Populations

Physiological Aspects of
Human Performance

Ergonomics for Health & Safety

Senior Seminar

Teaching Neuromuscular Conditioning

Healthy Lifestyles


Lap Swimming

Strength Training


Advisor for

Human Performance Management
Bachelor of Integrated Studies

Education and Professional Experience

 University of Missouri - Columbia
(Student, B.S.)
Liberty Junior High School
(Teacher, Coach)
University of Arizona - Tucson
(Graduate T.A., M.S.)
Fort Hays State University
(Faculty, Coach)
University of New Mexico-Albuquerque
(Graduate T.A., Ph.D.)
University of Arizona - Tucson
(Cardiac Rehab Coordinator)
Weber State University
(Faculty, Interim Dept. Chair )
University of Missouri - Kansas City


Welcome to Weber!


When we're not on the mountain or on the trails, I reside in a small Ogden home with my adopted dogs, Honey and Storm.  Since moving to Utah in 1989, I have blown and had both knees reconstructed, separated my shoulder, torn and repaired my "skier's thumb" ligament, been gored by a goat, been sprayed by a skunk, been bit and infected by a stray cat, and had raccoons reside in my chimney.  Major joys in my life include: fresh powder, old friends, family, classic rock, jazz, and spiritual music, one putts, ace serves, and pain-free exercise.  Minor irritations include: pessimism, prejudice, laziness, cell phones, multi-state and federal income tax forms, software updates, slices and hooks.

Teaching Philosophy
I love learning.  I agree with Leo Buscalgia that learning is fantastic because every time you learn something you become something new.  You must readjust everything that you are around the new things you've learned.  I believe changing the world for the better is our destiny and learning is our path.  Teaching requires and allows me to learn, develop, and evolve even as my students do.  Teaching offers me the opportunity to be a lifelong learner and to share the joy of learning with others.  Education, and therefore teaching, can make a difference and affect eternity.

Professional Focus
In the area of exercise physiology, my objective is on student comprehension and competence in assessing physiological responses to exercise using tests and measures commonly employed in human performance research laboratories.  My primary objective in exercise management for special populations is to provide experiences that prepare and enable students to administer and interpret exercise testing and deliver safe, exercise programs to special populations.  In the Human Performance Management area, my efforts have been to identify current practices and career opportunities in the field, and assist students in preparing for post-graduation employment. In kinesiology, my primary interest has been integrating motion analysis technology into practical experiments for students to think critically about enhancing human performance.

Significant Accomplishments, Publications, Creative Works

  • "Acclimatization to Heat during Preseason Football Practices at a Division I University", Herzog, Ruden, Hansen, Smith, and Berry. Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice, 7 (2), 2009.
  • "Professional Writing for Publications, Presentations, and Grants," Southwest District AAHPERD National Conference, Tucson, AZ.  February, 1999.
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  • "Effect of a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program on Primary Risk Factors and Knowledge of Coronary Heart Disease", National AAHPERD Conference, San Francisco, CA.  April, 1991.