It is wise to make contact with your academic advisor early on for help with class selections, and to discuss the acceptance criteria for the online MLT program. 

The academic advisor for the MLT program is:

Ashley Wilkinson


If you are interested in a pre-admission evaluation, please send online MLT program advisor a copy of your transcripts, unofficial is okay for this step. Your pre-admission evaluation will outline which of your previous courses may transfer towards the AAS course requirements, and give advisement on academic areas to work on. 

Initially, you will want to develop a semester-by-semester list of courses required for you to complete your degree, and have your advisor review your list and give you recommendations.  Be sure to review the information under course requirements and scheduling tips.

The advisor can also help you with issues involving your transcripts and any problems you may encounter while registering for courses.

It is recommended that you contact your advisor every semester or every year to review the list of courses you have taken and those you have left to complete for graduation.