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On-Campus: Clinical Laboratory Assistant (CLA) certificate

WSU's Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences offers a Clinical Laboratory Assistant (CLA) certificate of completion. As a clinical laboratory assistant, graduates will be able to perform lab tests that help to detect, diagnose and study diseases. The CLA certificate can be earned online or on-campus.

To receive a certificate of completion on campus, students will need to take MLS 1113 Introduction to Laboratory Practices which is a four-credit class offered fall and spring. This course is open enrollment, no application required for campus course.  Upon successful completion of  MLS 1113  (with a grade of C+ or better) students will receive a certificate as a Clinical Laboratory Assistant from Weber State University, which is recognized by many in the local health care industry.  This is the equivalent of a CLA level IV, recognized by Intermountain Health Care. For students interested in the online CLA option, please see Online CLA course. (You must have access to a laboratory for online option). ASCP offers a certification exam to become a certified Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLA). You may use our MLS 1010 or MLS 1113 course in conjunction with six months full-time laboratory work experience to qualify for this exam, via route 6.
Students will learn basic laboratory methods for quality control, quality assurance, information recording and transfer, normal and abnormal laboratory values, and problem recognition.  Students will receive basic technical instruction in laboratory safety, microscopy, phlebotomy, specimen collection and processing, and laboratory instrumentation in the areas of hematology, serology, urinalysis, microbiology, and clinical chemistry. 

This course is designed to provide additional training to individuals employed in the health care industry who may be interested in learning an additional set of medical skills to enhance their employability. The courses are designed to encourage medical assistants, phlebotomists, certified nursing practitioners and other health care workers to achieve competencies which better serve patient care in settings requiring basic laboratory testing as a part of the facility's health care services.

If you wish to further your education and apply to the WSU Medical Laboratory Sciences program please visit the MLS website at