Important Dates for the Campus MLT Program

As you progress through the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences' two-year AAS program, keep the following dates and deadlines in mind:

Freshman Year

Fall Semester (Your First Semester)

  • Meet with a health professions academic advisor located in the Dumke College of Health Professions Admissions and Advisement Office room 108.
  • Verify your major declaration; to do this, log in to your weber account, click on the student services tab, in the Academic Profile box you will see information regarding your program, major, and department. If you are not listed in the MLS program, please contact the MLS Administrative Specialist in MH, room 208.
  • Register for MLS 1113 Introduction to Laboratory Practices as well as other general education requirements and support courses as directed by your academic advisor. 

Spring Semester

  • Register for MLS 1114 Hematology and Hemostasis as well as other general education requirements and support courses as directed by your academic advisor. Please note: MLS 1113 and MLS 1114 may be taken concurrently during Spring semester. 
  • Complete application electronically for the AAS program before the April 1st deadline.

Summer Semester

  • Complete any support courses required for acceptance into the AAS program.

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester

  • If you are planning on graduating the following spring or summer semesters with your AAS, have the MLS Department administrative specialist schedule a graduation clearance evaluation with the MLS program director. During this evaluation, the program director will review your transcripts and determine what courses need to be completed for graduation. Also, you will receive information about the certification exam.

Spring Semester

  • Register for MLS 2256 and MLS 2257, summer clinical rotations will be scheduled through these courses.
  • Apply for MLS AAS graduation by the deadline.
  • You can begin the application process for the certification exam one month prior to your graduation and determine the deadline dates for those.
  • Order a cap and gown at the WSU bookstore for the graduation ceremony (included in your graduation application fee).
  • Apply for the MLS BS program if you are planning on doing so, between March 1-April 1.
  • Attend the AAS graduation ceremony!

Summer Semester

  • Complete any remaining courses required for graduation with your AAS degree.
  • Complete clinical rotation and return paperwork to the clinical rotation coordinator.
  • Complete the MLT certification exam and send an official transcript to verify the completion of your degree and to receive an official notice of your scores.