Matthew Donahue PhD, LAT, ATC

Associate Professor 
Graduate Athletic Training Program Director 
Institutional Review Board Chair

About Me


      Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
               Doctor Of Philosophy in Human Performance
                        Major: Motor Learning/Motor Control
                        Minor: Neuroscience 
               Conferred: June 2012                                                    
               Dissertation Topic: “Neuromuscular Assessment of Individuals with and without Functional Ankle Instability”   

        Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
               Masters Of Science- Kinesiology, Athletic Training 
               Conferred: May 2008            
               Thesis Topic: “The Effect of the Graston Technique on Quadriceps Muscle Activation and Force Production.” 

        University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH
               Bachelors Of Science-Kinesiology, Athletic Training
               Conferred: May 2006       


     My wife and I moved to Ogden in 2012 after spending some time in the Midwest (Go Hoosiers!). I grew up in Rhode Island (yes, it is a state it's just small!). I have two kids, Jack and Morgan.  We love to ski, mountain bike and spend time in the mountains.

  Research Interests 

  • Ankle Instability
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization 
  • Action Sports Injuries

Contact Info
Office Phone: 801-626-7389