Current Research and Research Interests:

Relational Fidelity - Todd Baird, PhD (WSU, Psych) and I are investigating the social definitions and social construction of relationship fidelity. It seems that most often, fidelity is described and discussed in juxtaposition to infidelity. That is, there is an assumption that relationship fidelity is the absence of infidelity. Dr. Baird and I are attemtping to approach the topic from a positive-psychological or strengths-based perspective and see if we can understand relationship fidelity seperate from infidelity. 

Romantic Relationship Education - Dan Hubler, PhD (WSU, CHF) and I are creating a series of "mini-lessons" that teach couples concrete skills in a short 5-10 minute dose. This project is entitled, "Marriage Mechanics." It is sponsored by the Utah Marriage Commission and currently being hosted on the "" website (link). In addition to developing the content for this project and overseeing the undergraduate students who are helping, we are also studying the effectiveness of online relationship education.