Student Essay

      I define the LGBTQ+ community as a place for equality, strength, perseverance and spreading love. Growing up for me, I would constantly ask why love is limited. I never understood why I never saw same-sex relationships throughout my adolescent years. I kept thinking about what was stopping everybody. As I grew into my teenage years, I saw more representation and exposure to same-sex relationships. But with that, I also saw the growing hate towards the LGBT+ community. Once the LGBTQ+ community grew more and more, I felt safer. My friends who identified as part of the LGBTQ+ community and I felt free to embrace love and to fight the discrimination and hate surrounding people like us. LGBTQ+ means so much to me and those who struggle with their identity. For me, it means that I’m different in the best way. It means that I’m willing to love despite the constant struggles. It means that I’m willing to persevere no matter what obstacles comes my way. It means that I’ve learned to emphasize with others who are struggling with their own issues. The LGBTQ+ community, to me, is defined as a place to keep each other safe and to power through the obstacles. It’s a place to find yourself and love yourself. I’m a better and stronger person today because of the LGBTQ+ community.

      I major in music and music business. What I realize as I observe the industry and the biggest artists right now, is that we lack a lot of representation of the LGBTQ+ community. In pop music, there are a lot of allies to support the community, in which I’m grateful for, but there isn’t enough of creative art by LGBTQ+ artists on the charts or in the general public. I would like to make a difference in the music industry by showing more representation with more LGBTQ+ artists and their creativity. People of the LGBTQ+ community need music, representation and this type of expression because music is a universal power that has an effect to change and bring others together. I’ve written and produced songs speaking about the community I would love to share with the world. Music is powerful, and I will work as hard as possible to one day share a significant message about love and the community through the art.

      My involvement and identity in the LGBTQ+ community has influenced my life in a positive way when I look around and see how a group of people can thrive when we come together, speak out and fearlessly be ourselves. But through the positivity, there’s no denying that there are still chronic complications. There were times where I felt I was wrong for being who I am. There were times where I dealt with intense, internal struggles where I started to believe that I am not worthy of love and a good life because of other people’s negative opinion on the LGBTQ+ community. Through discrimination, hate and seclusion, the LGBTQ+ community still influences me to be brave and to show empathy. Now, I still have my own personal struggles with coming out to my loved ones, but I’m brave enough to acknowledge that despite the widespread hate and discrimination, there is nothing wrong with love.