Peace & Possibility Series

These programs are made possible through the generous support of the Jane and Tami Marquardt Peace and Possibility Project

Peace and Possibility Speakers Series

The Peace and Possibility Speaker Series aims to bring high-profile LGBTQ+ leaders and advocates to campus to provide cultural opportunities, enhance the "welcomeness" and inclusion of campus, and cultivate our ally community. Along with sharing the stories of prominent LGBTQ+ leaders, we also like to highlight the experiences and talents of our LGBTQ+ students.

Every year as part of the Peace and Possibility Speaker Series, we host an essay writing competition. The winners of the competition receive a scholarship reward. We have had some wonderful and inspiring essays shared with us. They are listed below the keynote speeches of our tremendous guests.

The date, time, & location information will be forthcoming in spring 2024.

Previous Keynote Addresses

Wade Davis | 2019

Bruce Bastian | 2018

Kate Kendall | 2017