Curriculum Vita

Kathryn L. MacKay

Present Position: Professor                                         Date of Appointment: July 1989

College: Social and Behavioral Science                      Department/Program: History





Degree Earned


University of Utah            








California State University, Northridge


Secondary Teaching Credential


University of California, Los Angeles





Undergraduate Research.  I have been the faculty mentor for the following students whose projects have been funded:



Topic, Year



Katie Henderson Nelson

Oral History of the USS Callahan survivors, 2003

Senior thesis,


Kathryn Burnside

Oral History of St. Benedicts Hospital, 2003

Senior thesis,

NCUR paper publication

Michael MacKay and Michael Mitchell

Biography of Leslie Hodgson, 2003

Senior thesis

Beau Burgess

Ogden’s 25th St, 2003

WSU Spring Symposium,

Ogden City Web page

Casherie Parker

Oral History of Hopkins School, 2003

Senior thesis, Brochure,

NCUR presentation

Alison Burnside

Oral History of Japanese farmers, 2004

Senior thesis

Beau Burgess      

Re-photographing Ogden, 2004

WSU Spring Symposium,


Sabrina Enriquez

Oral History of Iolani Palace restoration, 2004

Shanna Seiler

Folklore of Domestic Production in Utah, 2005

Senior Thesis

NCUR presentation

Corrie Gomez, Janess Knotts, Beau Burgess, Heidi Orchard, Elizabeth Heath

Salt, 2006

WSU Spring Symposium

Elizabeth Heath

Vietnamese American Student Organizations in Utah, 2006

Senior Thesis, WSU Spring Symposium

Lori Loesch

Rosie the Riveter, 2006

Senior thesis,

WSU Spring symposium

Heidi Orchard

Life after OSS, 2006

Senior thesis,

WSU Spring symposium

Jennifer Bott

Utah Sings Out, Folk Music, 2006

Senior Thesis,

WSU Spring Symposium

David Peterson

Weber County League of Women Voters, 2006

Senior thesis

Barry G. Stratford

Dairy Farming in Weber County, 2007

Senior thesis

Stacy Heik

366th Bomb group, 2007

Senior thesis,

Exhibit Hill Air Force Museum

Derreck Calkins

German Prisoners of War in Idaho, 2007

Senior thesis,

UCUR presentation

Joe Jay

Crossroad District Intensive level Survey, 2008

WSU Spring Symposium,

Ogden City Panning Office

Irasema Rivera

Feminist Journalists in Mexico, 2008

Senior thesis; WSU Spring Symposium,

Adam Rosenberg

The Junction City Big Band, 2008

Senior thesis; WSU Spring Symposium

Holly (King) Rawson

The Women’s Studies Program at WSU, 2008

Senior Thesis; WSU Spring Symposium; paper won the Papanikolas Award from USHS

Randy Bass

The Bikers at Angelo’s Bar, 2008

Senior thesis

Cynthia Balzomo

Filipinos in the U.S. Navy, WWI. 2009

Senior Thesis, Phi Alpha Theta, WSU Spring Symposium

Benjamin Wheeler

The History of the Story Mountain Boys Bluegrass Band, 2009

Senior thesis, NCUR annual conference, 2010

Kelsey Lindquist

20th Century Utah Saddlemakers, 2010

Senior thesis, Phi Alpha Theta state conference

Gary Franks


Not used

Nathan Knighton

The BBC and Margaret Thatcher

Not used

James Groethe

History of WSU Women’s Basketball, 2010

Senior thesis, Phi Alpha Theta state conference

Matthew Limb

History of the American Chromatic Revolution, 1920s-1930s, 2011

Senior thesis

Kyle Hunter

History of the Telephone in Ogden, 1880-1911, 2011

Senior thesis, NCUR annual conference, 2012

Rick Kelson

History of Barns Bank, Kaysville

Senior thesis

Paul Greenhalgh

Connections to Home: WWII Servicemen, 2011

Senior thesis, Phi Alpha Theta state conference, NCUR annual conference, 2012

Travis Padilla

The Secret Informant deep Throat in American Popular Culture, 2012

Senior thesis

Stephen Hepworth

History of the Christian Reformed Church of Ogden, 2012

Not used

Candice Tesch

Resurrection of a Ghost Town: Chesterfield, Idaho, 2012

Not used

Ian Crockston

History of the  Uyghurs, 1950s to 199, 2012

Senior thesis, Phi Alpha Theta state conference, NCUR annual conference, 2014

Stacy Johnson

The Metis Society in the Great Lake Region 2013

Senior thesis

Lorrie Rands

The Ogden Red Cross Canteen During WWII, 2013

Senior thesis, Posters on the Hill, NCUR annual Conference, 2014

Papanikolas Award. Published UHQ, 2016

Joshua Behn

Gay Men During the Irish Troubles, 2013

Senior thesis

Curt Tricket

History of Swahili LDS Branch, Utah, 2013

Geoffrey Bilderbeck

Building a Place in Ogden – African American Community Organizations, 2014

Bronson Pace

The Royal Society’s Response to the Science of Climate Change, 1960-1990, 2014

Senior thesis, Phi Alpha Theta conference – won first place

Brian Whitney

Mormonism and the Professionalization of Social Work 1915-1930, 2015

Phi Alpha Theta state conference, 2015

Daniel Weller

John Sherman and the American Civil War, 2015

Senior Thesis

Elijah Alexander

Gay Men in South Korea

Senior thesis

Rhett Cannon Cook

The Deacons of Louisiana

Senior Thesis


Refereed Publications:

2017   Interview of Margaret Rostkowski, Weber - The Contemporary West.

2015    “Uncompahgre Reservation and the Hill Creek Extension, Utah Historical Quarterly, 83 (Fall): 180 – 193.

2015    “The Chocolate Dippers Strike of 1910,” Utah Historical Quarterly, 83(Spring): 38-51.

2009    “Sisters of Mount Benedict Monastery, Ogden, Utah,” Utah Historical Quarterly, 77 (Summer): 241-259.

2005    “Women in Utah Politics” in Women in Utah History: Paradigm or Paradox, Pat Scott and Linda Thatcher, eds. (Logan, Utah: Utah State University Press).

2004     “Native American Folklore Studies” in Folklore in Utah: A History and Guide to Resources,” David Stanley, ed. (Logan, Utah: Utah State University Press).

1997    “Foreword” to Battle for the Ballot: Essays on Woman Suffrage in Utah, 1870-1896, Carol Cornwall Madsen, ed.  (Logan, Utah: Utah State University Press).      

1996    with Larry Cesspooch, “Ute Community,” in Missing Stories: An Oral History of Ethnic and Minority Groups in Utah, Leslie G. Kelen and Eileen Hallet Stone, eds. (SLC: University of Utah Press).

1982    “The Strawberry Valley Reclamation Project and the Opening of the Uintah Indian Reservation,” Utah Historical Quarterly, 50 (Winter): 68 – 89.

1978    with Floyd O’Neil, A History of the Unitah-Ouray Ute Lands, Occasional Paper No. 10, American West Center, University of Utah    


  • Program review of WSU Center for Multicultural Excellence, 2018. CeCe Ridder was principle author with Kathryn MacKay, Juancarlos Santisteben, and Andres Orozco.
  • “Tuning USA, Final Report, Utah,” for Lumina Foundation Grant (With William Evenson, Utah System of Higher Education), 2009.
  • Program review of SLCC Department of History and Anthropology (with Edward J. Davies, University of Utah), 2008.  Program review of WSU Department of Communication. (Richard A. Parker was principle author, with Kathryn MacKay and Frank Guliuzza), 2004.
  • Program review of WSU Department of Botany. Kathryn MacKay was principle author, with Randolph Scott, Gordon Uno, and Glen Lyon, 2002.
  • National Endowment for the Humanities grant reviews:
  • Activity




    Video Panelist (Status: Approved)



    Challenge Grants Panel 5: Historic Houses and Sites

    Conference Call (Status: Approved)



    Challenge Grants, Public Programming Conference Call Panel

    Sitting Panelist (Status: Approved)



    American History and Studies

Since 1989 I have been an Associate Editor for Weber Studies, now Weber. I am responsible for the “Reading the West” section.

Papers and/or addresses to professional groups:

  • “History Tuning,” at What is an Educated Person Conference, UVU, November 2009.
  • “Deliberative Democracy Day at WSU,” American Democracy Project Annual Meeting – Baltimore, MA., July 2009.
  • “Service Learning in the Disciplines: History as Example,” presentation with Gary Daynes (BYU), Utah Campus Compact Spring Conference, Salt Lake City, April 2004.
  • Discussant, Session of International Service Learning Conference, University of Utah, SLC, November 2003.
  • “Creative Learning Partnerships on Campus” presentation with Carl Porter, John Bissel, and 3 students, Western Regional Honors Conference, University of Nevada, Reno, April 2003.
  • “Gender Issues and the American Revolution,” workshop for AP history teacher, Jordan School District, Salt Lake City, 6 February 1999.
  • “Administrators and the Issues of Gender Equity,” workshop as part of annual Utah Gender Equity Conference, St. George, June 1999.
  • “Teaching and Issues of Gender Equity,” workshop as part of annual Utah Gender Equity Conference, Salt Lake City, 4 April 1997.
  • “Tenure and Promotion: an Argument for Collaboration rather than Adversity,” with Gary Dohrer and Lyall Crawford, presentation at AAHE Annual Conference on Faculty Roles and Rewards, Atlanta, Georgia, 18-21 January, 1996.
  • “Women of the Southwest: Weaving a Spiritual Journey,” member of panel session, “Roots of Spirituality: Landscapes, Journeys, Legacies,” Southwestern Division Regional Conference of the Community College Humanities Association, Salt Lake City, 11 October 1996.
  • “Faculty and the Scholarship of Advising,” with Ned Laff, session for POD Network Annual National conference, Snowbird, 16 October 1996.
  • “Woman Suffrage and the Utah State Constitutional Convention.”  Paper presented at Constitutional Centennial Conference, Utah State Historical Society. August 1996.
  • “Captivity Narratives of the 18th Century: Explorations of Gender in an Inter-Cultural Context.”  Paper presented at the South Central Society for 18th-Century Studies. 3 March 1996.

Participation in conferences, workshops, seminars, short courses – related to teaching in and outside the classroom:

  • Teaching & Learning Forum, IDEAS discussion group, 2017-2018.
  •  General Education Open House, 2016, 2017.
  • WSU Master Online Teacher Certification program, 2008 and 2009.
  • Yellowstone Civic Engagement, American Democracy Project, 2009 and 2011.
  •  Ecitizenship training sessions at Wayne State University, November 2009.
    • WSU was accepted as one of 24 institutions to participate in an AASCU initiative.
  • Deliberative Democracy training sessions - September, 2008 at Stanford, CA.
    • WSU was accepted as one of 16 institutions to participate in an AASCU initiative.
  • Organized and attended General Education Collaboration Faculty Retreat - August, 2008 at Snowbird, UT.                        .
  •  Utah Museum Association annual conference - September, 2008 at Layton, UT, 2007 at Lehi, UT.
  • Mountain West Arts Conferences – 2007 - 
  • AASCU retreat for the American Democracy Project – 2009 at Denver, CO., 2008 at Snowbird, UT, June, 2006 at Snowbird, UT, 2005 at Portland, Oregon, 2003 at Snowbird, UT.
  •  Helped organize and attended Western Engaged Scholars retreat - February, 2006 at Moab, UT.
  • Helped organize and attended the Faculty retreat on Civic Engagement - August 2004 at Snowbird, UT.
  • Western Regional Engaged Scholars Retreat-June, 2004 in GBEEC (Ephraim Canyon)
  • National Conference on Undergraduate Research-April, 2004 in Indianapolis.
  • International Conference on Service-Learning Research-November, 2003 in SLC, UT.
  •  Annual Conference of the National Trust for Historic Preservation - October, 2003. In Denver, Colorado.
  •  Faculty Retreat on Civic Engagement - August, 2003 at Snowbird, Ut.
  •  PEW sponsored conference in service learning - March, 2003 at University of Denver.
  • National Conference of Campus Compact - November, 2002 in Providence, Rhode Island.         
  • PEW sponsored retreat on service learning organized by the Colorado Campus Compact - July, 2002 at the University of Utah
  • Conferences on Service Learning - January, 1998, September, 2000 and September, 2001 at BYU.
  • Attended the Rocky Mountain regional Service-Learning Retreat - April, 2001 at Colorado Springs.
  • Invisible College National Gathering on Service Learning - June, 2000 at Georgetown University.
  • “What is an Educated person” conferences sponsored by the Utah Board of Regents - November, 1998 – 2018.
  •  FIPSE sponsored series of workshops: “Assessing Student Learning in Large Classes Using Technology” - June, 1998 at Portland State University.
  • AAHE National Conference, “Learning, Technology, and the Way We Work,” - March, 1997 in Washington, D.C.
  • AAHE National Conference, “Crossing Boundaries, pathways to Productive Learning and Community Renewal” - March, 1996 in Chicago.


Research projects and grants:

Utah Humanities Grants

  • “Weber Reads Frankenstein,” 2008
  •  (With Sister Luke Hoschette) “St. Benedict’s Oral History Project,” 2004.

RSPG Grants 

  • With Shannon Butler, Lauren Fowler, Leah Murray, Scott Rogers, Michael Wutz, “Honors Faculty Study Group,” 2005. Grant supported the work of a group of faculty who studied alternative pedagogies (service-learning, civic engagement) and made suggestions to Honors Program.
  • “Sisters of St. Benedict’s Hospital,” 2002. Grant supported oral history research of the sisters of St. Benedict at the mother house in Minnesota.  14 interviews completed.  (Trip taken Fall 2003)
  • With Henry Ibarguen to teach class marking the 150 years since the U.S.-Mexican War (taught Spring 1999).
  • With Jay Hart to develop class in Men’s Studies (taught Spring 1999)
  • With Tracy Callahan, Brenda Marsteller Kowlewski, Thomas Kuehles, Wangari wa Nyatetu-Waigwa, Daily Oliver, Maria Parilla de Kokal, Sally Bishop-Shigley to develop 3 team taught classes: “Introduction to Ethnic and Women’s Studies: Power and Resistance in American Society.” (Iaught 1997 - 1998)
  • With Mark Dyreson, Robert Hogge, Chris Padgett, Sally Bishop Shigley, Michael Wutz to develop 3 team taught classes: “Recognizing American Regional Cultures.” (taught 1996-1997)

Hemingway Vitality Grants

  •  “Civic Engagement Faculty Retreat.”  Project Directors: Lauren Fowler and Denise Woodbury.  Planning Committee: Shannon Butler, Bryan Dorsey, Colleen Garside, Alicia Giralt, Brenda Marsteller Kowalewski, Kathryn MacKay, Linda Oda, and Marjukka Ollilainen, 2003. This project was award $5000.00 for the best collaborative project.  The Planning Committee members chose to spend those funds in support of a one-day Civic Engagement Faculty Retreat, August 2004, at which over 50 faculty from WSU and around the state attended workshops and round table discussions.
  • “Academic Service Learning Faculty Study Group.”  Project Director: Brenda Marsteller Kowalewski with Pam Burton, Shannon Butler, Arthur Caplan, Kyall Crawford, Bryan Dorsey, Marcy Everest, Colleen Garside, Diane Krantz, Kathryn MacKay, and Marek Matyjask, 1999. This funding was used to organize the above listed faculty into a study group wherein we could explore service learning as pedagogy.  The study group met approximately three times each semester in the 1999-2000 academic year and helped each other figure out how to incorporate service learning into a course: all but two of the participants did so.
  • “Teaching Partners Project,” 1998.  Members of the Teaching, Learning and Assessment Committee. This funding was used to create a series of faculty development workshops which were presented 1999-2000.  Similar workshops as part of the offerings from the Teaching and Learning Forum.

Hall Endowment for Community Outreach

  • Arts in the Parks, 2008 and 2010.
  • “Partners in Community Service.”  Project Director: Kathryn MacKay. Co-participants: WSU Faculty: Bryan Dorsey, Lauren Fowler, Richard Hutchinson, Marcy Everest, Nancy Haanstad, Brenda Marsteller Kowlewski.  Community Partners: Holly Nye Bauman, Chandra Bell, Kim Dohrer, Robb Hall, Zada Haws, Marcella Martines, Marshal Prantil, Aaron Wolfe-Bertling, 2000. This funding was used to support a seminar in which social science faculty and community partners worked to determine issues and assets to improve the Enterprise Zone neighborhoods of Ogden City.

WSU Projects/Service

  • Faculty Ombuds                                                                                                  2013-2019
  • Faculty Senate Parliamentarian                                                                       2016-2019
  • Co-director (with Scott Wright) of abstract review committee, NCUR at WSU      2012
  • Co-director (with Gary Johnson) of Deliberative Democracy Project           2008 -  2012
  • Creator and co-director (with Leah Murray) of the American Democracy Project           2006 - 2012
  • Coordinator of General Education Coherence Faculty Retreatfunded by the Office of Academic Affairs), August, 2008
  • Weber Reads – a one book, one campus, one community project which partners WSU, Weber County Library, Standard Examiner, and Weber County Commission in efforts to encourage reading and discussion throughout the county, 2007 - 2014.  In summer 2009, I developed a summer workshop for teachers with Margaret Rostkowski and Gary Dohrer of the Wasatch Range Writing Project.
  • Creator and co-director of Arts in the Parks                                                2005 -
  • Creator and co-ordinator of Public History Program                                   2001 -
  • Coordinator of Office of Academic Service Learning                                   1998-2006
  • Coordinator of the Teaching and Learning Forum                                       1993-1998
  • Coordinator of the Civic Engagement Faculty Retreats                               2003 and 2004
  • Coordinator of Women’s Studies                                                                   1991-1994

Community-Based Scholarship

  • Summers 1996-2006, I taught classes in the American West, Native American studies, and American religious studies for a Fulbright International Teachers Workshop sponsored by the Institute for Training and Development, Amherst, MA. ITD brings 30 teachers from around the world to Massachusetts and Utah for a six-week institute. 
  • Since 2000, I have been the principle scholar working with Sue Hill, Director of the Brigham City Library, to offer yearly Reading/Discussion Groups.  I have helped write the grant applications, selected the scholars to lead the discussions, and produced all the study guides.  Topics:  “Eleanor and Franklin,” “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy,” “Neighbors: The World Around Us,” “Food for Thought,”  “The Literature of the New West,” “Love and Loss in the time of War,” “Women of the Land,” “Reading the Other,” “George Washington: Citizen President.”
  • Utah state scholar for “Between Fences,” the Smithsonian exhibit which toured Utah 2006-2007. I received training at the Smithsonian, summer 2006, participated in installation workshop, Layton Museum, and gave several presentations throughout the state. I created handouts and other materials.
  • Consulting Historian for “Strong Women, Strong Voices” for the Huntsville Library  which earned a merit award from UHC, 2000.
  • Consulting historian for “Let the Women Vote,” film documentary produced by Louise Degn and KUED, 1997. (I also made public presentations related to the film.)
  • Consulting historian for “The Tops of the Mountains, An Illustrated History of Utah” film documentary produced by Balhourn Productions, 1996.  (I also made public presentations related to the film.)

Community Boards

  • Ft. Douglas Museum                                                                                2019 -
  • Advisory Board, Utah Historical Quarterly                                           2015 -
  • Folklore Society of Utah                                                                           2013 - 2018
  • Brigham City Museum of Art and History                                             2012 - 2019
  • Weber Arts Council                                                                                   2009 - 2017
  • Member of Folks Arts Board, Utah Arts Council                                   2007 – 2008, 2015 -
  • Weber County Heritage Foundation                                                       2007-
  • Advisory Board of Traditional Building Skills Institute                      2006- 2011
  • Ogden City Landmarks Commission                                                    2000-
  • Advisory Board for Ft. Buenaventura                                                   2003- 2008
  •  Faculty Consulting Group for Utah Campus Compact                     1999-2006


  • Faculty Governance Award, WSU Faculty Senate, 2018
  • Gene Session teaching Award, College of SBS, WSU, 2018
  • Collaboration Award ( with Adam Johnson, Stacy Pallin, and Holly Jarvis) for Arts and Science in the Parks, WSU, 2015
  • Crystal Cresst teaching Award, WSU, 2013
  • Ogden City Mayor's Award in the Arts for Arts in the Parks, 2012
  • "Distinguished Scholar," Utah Humanities Council, 2007
  • John A. Lindquist Award, WSU, 2007
  • Dello Dayton Award, College of SBS, WSU, 2003
  • Provost Teaching Award for Faculty at WSU fewer than 5 years, 1991

List of courses taught at WSU: (*Indicates the 30 courses I have developed or co-developed, some of which are now part of regular curriculum.)

*Railraods and the American West                                                                     2019

*Jane Austin: Lifew and Times (with Stephen Francis)                                     2017

*The City and Text (with Julie Rich and Perpper Glass)                                   2014

        Honors Eccles Grant

Utah History                                                                                                        2014 -

Naturalists in the American West (with Sue Harley)

     Honors Eccles Grant                                                                                      2014

*Weber Reads (Honors)                                                                                                          2009 -

History Senior Seminar                                                                                                          2007 -

*Food in American Culture (Honors/History)                                                               2006

*American History since 1877, online                                                                                 2005 -

*American History to 1877, online                                                                                       2004 -

*Civic Engagement Leadership (Honors)                                                                               2004 - 2005

*Introduction to Honors                                                                                                           2002 - 2006

*Historic Preservation                                                                                                             2000 -

*Manhood in America (with Jay Hart for

Women’s Studies, with RSPG grant)                                                                                     1999, 2001

*Borderlands: the Legacies of the U.S. Mexican War

(with Henry Ibarguen, with RSPG grant)                                                                             1999

*Introduction to Public History (revised in 2006

as upper division course: Principles of Public History)                                                          1999 -

American History to 1877                                                                                                        1999 -

American History since 1877                                                                                                   1999 -

*Outsiders Art (with Tracy Callahan for

Women’s Studies with Hemingway grant)                                                                             1998

*GLBT Studies (with John Lamborn)

Honors, with RSPG grant)                                                                                                    1997, 2000

*Introduction to Postmodernism (Honors)                                                                             1996

*Literature and History of New England (with Sally Shigley

for Women’s Studies/History with Hemingway grant)                                  1996

*Introduction to the University (FYE)                                               1995, 1996

*The Twentieth Century American West                                                                             1995 -

*The American West - Images and Realities (Honors)                                   1994

*Environmental Discourse and Public Policy (with Lyle Crawford

for Honors)                                                                                                                                  1993

*1492: The Americas Before and After Columbus

(with Hemingway grant)                                                                                                                 1992

*Search for Community (Honors)                                                                                                      1991, 1992

*Research Methodologies in Women’s Studies

 (with Gloris Wurst)                                                                                                    1                     1992 - 1998

*Feminist Theories                                                                                                                              1992 -

History of the American Far West                                                                                                      1992 - 2004

*Introduction to Women’s Studies                                                                                                    1991 -

Constitutional History of the U.S.                                                                                                      1991 - 2003

*Women and the Western World II (with Barbara West

for History/English with Hemingway grant)                                                                          1991

*Women and the Western World I (with Barbara West

for History/English with Hemingway grant)                                                                 1990

American Indian History                                                                                                   1990 -

Nature of History (now Investigating History)                                                          1990 -

*Dilemmas of Identity (Honors)                                                                                1990

*Images and Ideas of Community (Honors)                                                              1990

*Environmental History                                                                                                                                  1990 - 2000

*Feminist Theory (Honors)                                                                                                                             1989

*Social and Cultural History of the U.S.

(revised as American Social History)                                                                                      1989 -

*Introduction to Folklore (Honors)                                                                                                    1989, 1990, 1998

Directed Readings (History, Women’s Studies)                                                        1989 -

Women in American History                                                                                                                          1988 -

American Civilization                                                                                                                                     1988 -