Jennifer Ostrowski, PhD, LAT, ATC



  Undergraduate Athletic Training Program Director; Assistant Professor
         Office:  302 E Swenson Building
         Phone:  801-626-7224


Doctor of Philosophy (2008)
Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan
Department of Kinesiology
Major areas of study: Sport Psychology, Pedagogy
Dissertation Title: An evaluation of an educational intervention in psychology of injury for athletic training students

Master of Science (2005)
University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky
Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
Major area of study: Kinesiology and Health Promotions (specialization: Athletic Training)
Thesis Title: The effectiveness of shoulder slide versus traditional rehabilitation protocol following rotator cuff injury, a randomized clinical trial

Bachelor of Science (2003)
Salisbury University, Salisbury, Maryland
Major area of study: Athletic Training


My husband, John, and I moved to Utah in 2012 with our two children (Michael and Maryn).  Originally from New Jersey, I have lived all across the Eastern Time Zone (Maryland, Kentucky, Michigan and Massachusetts).  My husband is also an athletic trainer; we met during graduate school at University of Kentucky.  Although he is a Michigan Wolverine and I went to Michigan State, we somehow make it work!  Our entire family loves the outdoor environment and kid-friendly atmosphere that Utah has to offer.


  • Introduction to Athletic Training
  • Evaluation & Care of Musculoskeletal Injuries (Upper and Lower Extremity)
  • Evidence-based evaluation of the spine
  • Basic and Advanced Therapeutic modalities
  • Basic Rehabilitation
  • Psychology of Injury

Reseach Interests

  • Pedagogy (effective teaching)
  • Therapeutic modalities (ice, deep heat, laser)
  • Sport psychology/psychology of injury

Recent Publications

Textbook Authorship
     Granquist MD, Hamson-Utley JJ, Kenow L, Stiller-Ostrowski, JL (2014). Psychosocial Strategies for Athletic Training.
     Philadelphia, PA: FA Davis.

Peer Reviewed Articles
     Ostrowski, JL, Marshall B. (2013)  The Entry-Level Master's Route to Certification: Program Characterisitics, Graduation                          Requirements and Outcome Measures. Athletic Training Education Journal (Anticipated DOI December 2014).

     Ostrowski JL, Iadevaia CM. (2014) Characteristics and Program Decisions of Master’s-Level Professional Athletic Training                      Students. Athletic Training Education Journal. 9(1): 36-42. 

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