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Gartner is a leading information technology & consultation firm that provides research and analysis services to inform and support decision making in higher education and other industry sectors.




Gartner Campus Access is the faster & smarter way to research!  Gartner research can enrich the learning experience allowing students & faculty the opportunity to tap into real-life examples of how technology is used, industry tech advances, and trends.

Partnering with Gartner, Weber State University staff & technical professionals (CTCs) can stay current with emerging technologies designed to streamline business processes and take classroom learning to the next level.  Receive comprehensive advice on IT issues, proven business strategies, and insights that can influence important decisions and major purchases.




Student Researching


  • Access 1,900 Global Analysts = Experts in Everything IT
  • Gain insight into how technology is being used in your field of study.
  • Gather data to support class projects, papers, & presentations
  • Research relevant case studies & business issues facing your industry.
With Gartner Campus Access I no longer have to spend countless hours trying to find articles that are both relevant and current. 

I can easily search for topics using Gartner's Research Library and within seconds I'm provided with research and webinars that can take my papers & learning to the next level! "

- WSU Student

Students in classroom


  • Seek advice on how to elevate curriculum with objective real-world examples.
  • Access data to substantiate research.
  • Receive best practices on new educational technology integration into the classroom.
  • Gain insight into IT industry trends, business issues, organizations, and strategies.
The Magic Quadrant continues to be one of the most helpful Gartner research models when evaluating products and solutions. 

I relied on Gartner... in my research on technology asset management as a professor. Gartner coined the Total Cost of Ownership phrase and I've been hooked ever since."

Matthew Mouritsen, MBA, Ph.D.
Dean, Goddard School of Business & Economics

Weber staff


  • Receive insights on business strategies, business process improvements, & market trends.
  • Get advice on how to improve infrastructure & optimize costs.
  • Analyze industry trends & best practices.
  • Validate technology decisions related to financial, HR, purchasing, student information systems, and application software.
I think that many underestimate the value of Gartner research.  We spend valuable time in every phase of a technology project researching information to suppport decisions.  

From discovery to implementation.  Taking advantage of Gartner's expertise consistently is like applying Six Sigmas to my project delivery process."

- Assad B. Reichdan II, CEFP
Manager, Facilities Information Services

Technical Professionals

Technical Professionals (CTCs)

  • Keep up-to-date on the latest trends & emerging technologies in IT.
  • Find strategic advice on the integration of classroom technology.
  • Review vendor recommendations (course management, etc.)
  • Stay informed on the latest tech gadgets.
" Whether researching the best tools to use for a particular problem or exploring new techniques, I can always find useful information through Gartner.

Having these
resources available has dramatically decreased the time required to get up to speed on important topics in analytics."

- Heather Chapman
Director, Academic Analytics



Stay Informed with GARTNER's Data Analytic Tools

Get insight into relative positions of market competition within the technology industry.

View visual representations of trends of emergent technologies to see if they are worth all of the "hype."