International Student Council


The goal of the International Student Council is to provide an environment where international students can successfully thrive and adapt to the U. S. educational system. The Council seeks to address the struggles faced by students and present solutions that focus on their needs. Furthermore, the Council will create opportunities for international students to become involved in the community, and aid in closing cultural gaps.


Mustafa Al Shilati

Mustafa Al Shilati

Major: English
Country: Saudi Arabia

Why Weber State University?
WSU has a very welcoming environment to international students; it has multiple ethnicities, which allows me to gain more knowledge about different cultures. Professors at Weber are very helpful, and they work hard to enhance the students individually.

  Jawaher Albulushi

Jawaher Albulushi

Major: Pre-Pharmacy
Country: Saudi Arabia

Why Weber State University?
Professionalism, easy acceptance process, no complicated policies, and a safe environment are four reasons why I chose WSU, and why it is one of the best options for international students.

Ikirezi Kayitare Gloria

Kayitare Gloria Ikirezi

Major: Criminal Justice
Country: Rwanda

Why Weber State University?
Weber State has an excellent support service for international students, offers a good education and has a diverse student population that makes students feel welcome.


Andres Rodriguez

Major: Business
Country: Colombia

Why Weber State University?
WSU has one of the best information systems programs, providing advice and guidance for a high-quality education. Staff members and professors create professional and amiable systems to support International Students. 


Miranda Zgirvach

Major: Psychology
Country: Republic of Georgia

Why Weber State University?
WSU has the best environment for international students, good quality education, professionalism, support, safe and friendly environment, lots of opportunities for international
students to achieve their goals.