Program Extension

I-20 Extension

  1. F-1 students may apply to ISSC for an extension of the program if they are not able to complete their degree program before the current expiration date on their I-20. 
  2. Guidelines:
    • Approval of extension is at the discretion of the ISSC.
    • An F-1 extension may be granted in accordance with the recommendations provided by the student’s academic advisor on the I-20 Extension Request Form.
    • Extension requests may be denied if they do not fall within the regulatory guidelines.
    • DSOs will certify that the delay in completion is “caused by compelling academic or medical reasons, such as changes of major or research topics, unexpected research problems, or documented illnesses”. 
    • Extensions will be granted for a maximum of one year.
    • Extensions will not be granted if the application is submitted after the I-20 expiration date.
    • The end date of the extended I-20 will coincide with the graduation day for each semester.
    • Because an extension will require the issuance of a new Form I-20, updated financial documents (to show the student has sufficient financial support to continue his/her studies, beyond the original program end date) are required.