Academic Progress

Incomplete grades (“I”)

All international students with “I” grades must complete their courses and receive a letter grade before the beginning of the next available session start date. An incomplete grade that changes to a UW will place the student out of status, if the total number of completed hours for that semester is less than 12 credit hours. Students must meet with the ISSC before taking courses approved for a temporary grade (”T” grade).

Unofficial Withdrawal Policy

International students who receive an Unofficial Withdrawal (UW) grade in one or more courses at the end of the semester are required to participate in ISSC’s Academic Progress Workshop. A new I-20 will not be issued for students who do not participate in the workshop and fall out of status. Students who have been terminated and are returning and/missed an orientation must also participate in the workshop.

Academic Probation/Suspension

Students with a grade point average of less than 2.0 and/or placed on probation are required to participate in ISSC’s Academic Progress Workshop each semester they remain below a 2.0 GPA. Students must continue to register for a full time course load each semester. A program extension may not be granted on the basis of an academic probation or repeated courses.

Students who receive UWs in all their courses for three consecutive terms and as a result are suspended from the institution, will not be eligible for a new I-20. Students who appeal the suspension will have 14 days before their SEVIS record is terminated based on the outcome.