Global Learning & the GLB Course Attribute

Why Global Learning?

Global learning is an essential part of a well-rounded education and is becoming exceedingly important in our globalized world and economy.  Many, if not all, social, economic, and technological issues need to be considered and addressed at the global level with a strong background of global knowledge and competencies.  Examples of such global level issues include environment, public health, technological improvement, business, economies, and many social and humanitarian efforts. 

In order to further encourage the inclusion of global learning in all programs and disciplines, Weber State's Curriculum Committee and Faculty Senate has approved the Global Learning course attribute (GLB) as a high impact educational experience course attribute. 

More Info on Benefits of Course Atrribute

Venn Diagram showing the overlap of Global Knowledge, Attitudes, and Skills.


Definitions of Global Learning Courses & the GLB Attribute

The GLB attribution on courses stands for "Global Learning" courses.  At Weber State, we have adopted the AAC&U (Association of American Colleges & Universities) definition of global learning, which is "a critical analysis of and an engagement with complex, interdependent global systems and legacies (such as natural, physical, social, cultural, economic, and political) and their implications for people's lives and the earth's sustainability."

Through global learning, students should: 

  1. Become informed, open-minded, and responsible people who are attentive to diversity across the spectrum of differences
  2. Seek to understand how their actions affect both local and global communities
  3. Address the world's most pressing and enduring issues collaboratively and equitably

Please refer to the AAC&U Global Learning Value Rubric page for more information.

Picture of WSU Provost Dr. Ravi Krovi

"At Weber State University, we are committed to providing global learning opportunities for all students through a wide range of co-curricular efforts and curricular initiatives in our courses.  The Global Learning course attribute is an important step in infusing a global mindset that develops the knowledge, skills, and an understanding of the interconnected and dynamic nature of global systems and cross cultural perspectives."

- Dr. Ravi Krovi, Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs


How to Apply - 3 Easy Steps

To apply for a GLB Attribute for a single course section or for all sections of a course you will need to:

  1. Review the criteria and prepare your syllabus

  2. Complete the simple GLB Attribute Request Form
    Upon completion of this form, please be sure to download a PDF of your responses as you will need this document later in the process.

  3. Create and launch a "1.7 Course Attribute Request" in Curriculog (under "New Proposal")

You will need to attach your syllabus and the PDF of your GLB Attribute Request Form.  The application will require a detailed explanation of how global learning is reflected in the existing course (whether as the focus of the course or a component(s) of the course), the global learning-related learning outcomes, and a description of how you plan to assess those learning outcomes. 

Please note that new courses need to go through the regular College and University Curriculum process for approval as courses, prior to or while simultaneously seeking the GLB attribution. 

More info Regarding the Review Process