To help keep information that Weber State University collects and uses safe, users are responsible for making sure that their workstations are protected according to Policy.  This page gives information on how to keep your workstation secure using Industry Standards and the requirements set out in the Information Security Policy (PPM 10-1), the Acceptable Use Policy (PPM 10-2), the Network Security/Firewall Policy (PPM 10-3), and the USHE Board of Regents Information Technology Resource Security Policy (R345).  If these requirements cannot be met, an exception may be requested as directed on the Information Security Office site for Policy Exception Requests.

Securing Your Workstation

Desktop Security Checklist

This desktop security checklist consists of verifying computer security settings to determine if all appropriately configurations have been put in place according to policy requirements.   

Information is provided herein to assist you with security awareness.  Standards and recommendations included may change and information provided may not always reflect the most current recommendations or standards. Please consult with service providers and conduct your own research to become aware of current best practices and products to use.  No warranties, promises, or guarantees are intended or may be implied.

Faculty and Staff can request assistance by contacting the Service Desk or their assigned CTC.