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Hackers commonly use email as a vector to steal information through phishing or by infecting your device with malware. For more information about cyber threats, such as malware and phishing, visit the Cyber Threats page. Please continue to be cautious when opening any email. If you are unsure of an email message, forward the message header to the Information Security Office or the IT Service Desk. This link provides you steps on capturing the header of a suspected email.

Current Threats

Phishing Attempt - Are you still on campus?


Phishing Attempt - ADMIN


Phishing Attempt - Avoid Mail Closure


Phishing Attempt - WSU Wildcat ID Disabled





Business Email Comprosmise (BEC), also known as man-in-the-email phishing scams

02/19 & 04/15/2019

Sextortion Hoax Phishing Scams

03/28-29 & 04/04/2019

BEC Phishing Scams



Past Threats

If you're interested in past threats or news, please take a look at our threats and news archives.