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Our new Information Security promotional campaign for this year is "If you see something, say something." This means that if you become aware of something that doesn't seem quite right, report it.

Reportable Incident Examples

  • Offices being left open, when you are sure that you closed and locked it.
  • Filing cabinets being accessed without authorization.
  • Phishing emails.
  • Phone calls asking for personal information or passwords.
  • Lost or stolen University owned computing devices.
  • Computing systems being accessed without authorization.

What Information Should I Include?

  • Location
  • Date and approximate time
  • Type of data that may have been accessed (in the case of an actual or suspected data breach)
  • Additional information may be requested based on the incident.
  • The header information of an email. This can be obtained by following the steps laid out here.

Who Can I Report To?

  • Your area's assigned Data Security Steward.
  • The Information Security Office at 801-626-6982.
  • If the item you want to report deals with physical security or stolen University property:
  • Phishing emails can be reported to Make sure you capture the header information of the phishing email.