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Cloud Services

Weber State University uses a combination of cloud services and continues to move forward with cloud computing technologies to better serve the needs of faculty, staff, and students. Protecting WSU data in a cloud computing environment is increasingly critical, as we continue to implement these services across all campus units.

Cloud computing should not be used for university information that is private, personal, sensitive, or regulated unless there is a contractual agreement between WSU and the service provider that protects the security and confidentiality of the information and data. Contractual agreements must be reviewed between any third party vendor that provides these services. Security and Confidentiality of private information and any data hosted in a cloud service is of the utmost importance and must be properly vetted and approved.

Please contact the WSU Information Security Office to have your cloud services reviewed and approved for security requirements. To request a security review of your cloud services, please fill out the security evaluation form.

To learn more about cloud services, please check out our cloud services basics page.

Types of Cloud Services used at WSU:

  • General Cloud Services: WSU Box, Google Drive
  • Specialized Cloud Apps: Depending on the type of data that needs to be hosted
    • Sensitive Data Guide
      • Provides guidance regarding storage of sensitive data on current WSU cloud services.
    • Third-Party Vendor Security and Compliance Assessment
    • Security and Privacy in the WSU Google Environment
      • Learn about privacy and security in the WSU Google environment.
    • Sensitive Regulated Data: Permitted and Restricted Uses
      • Establishes mandatory expectations for complying with statutory and regulatory requirements related to protecting sensitive regulated data.
    • Use Box Securely with Sensitive Data
      • Learn about security features of WSU Box, and how to use it to securely share data.