Dr. Lin Xiang


Ph.D. Science Education, University of California, Davis.
M.A. Education, University of California, Davis.
B.S. Biology, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China

Contact Information
Email: linxiang@weber.edu
Phone: 801-626-6139
Office: Tracy Hall Science Center (TY)
Room 406, Mail Code 2505


Teaching Philosophy & Research Interests

As a life science educator, my love and commitment to teaching is fueled by my passion for life science and the desire to reveal the beauty of the biological world to more people. However, along with the rapid development and changes in the modern biological science, helping students develop coherent conceptual understanding and master necessary skills in biology has increasingly become a challenge to biology educators. My research interests focus on addressing relevant issues in biology education through two sets of pedagogies—model-based inquiry (MBI) and active learning. In particular, I seek to understand how to design and implement engaging instructional tasks to increase student’s biological literacy through scientific models and modeling. My current research seeks to integrate model-based inquiry and active learning pedagogies into the science curricula at WSU and local public schools.


Courses Taught
ZOOL 1110 LS - Principles of Zoology (Labortary sessions)
ZOOL 1370 LS - Principles of Life Science
ZOOL 2220 - Diversity of Aminals (Labortary sessions)
BTNY/CHEM/GEO/PHYS/MICRO/ZOOL 3570 - Foundations of Science Education
BTNY/CHEM/GEO/PHYS/MICRO/ZOOL 4570 - Secondary School Science Teaching Methods
Elementary STEM Endorsement