Office of Student Success Analytics

Why do we exist?

[Academic] analytics supports mission fulfillment by providing valid, dynamic data and guidance designed to facilitate data-informed decision-making.

How – our core values

  • Adaptable and flexible
  • Responsive and responsible
  • Collaborative

What do we do?

  • Provide data/analytic leadership 
    • Push back, question, play devil’s advocate, provide clarity, demand clarity, inform
    • Consultations/sharing expertise
    • Consultations/sharing expertise
    • Develop standards and ‘good’ practices - Heather
  • Assist with university planning and initiatives (strategic, mission fulfillment, etc) 
    • Develop reports
    • Develop visualizations/dashboards
    • Ad hoc requests
    • Allows us to ask how the ad-hoc request ties into current initiatives
  • Develop resources to aid in dissemination of information 
    • DCB
    • Report Gallery
    • Web sites
    • Documentation
    • Provide training

Other stuff we do

Support the collection and interpretation of qualitative and quantitative data