4-Year Degree

Bachelor's of Sciences (BS) Degree

Students with a BS degree develop a background in information systems technologies and their application to the provision of healthcare, data analytics, and management applicable to information systems, human resources and quality improvement in healthcare. When you have finished this program, you are qualified to sit for the Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA®) exam.

All HIM classes are available online.
You don’t even have to come to campus; you can study and complete assignments when it’s most convenient for you.
How to Apply

Curriculum Schedule

Contact the Health Information Management Program Coordinator at 801-626-7242 for an advisement appointment.

Important Information

You will need to complete a background check, drug screen, and proof of immunizations before your PPE courses (HIM 2861 and 2862) and your internship (HAS 4860).

Bachelor of Science (BS) –Health Information Management
General education requirements vary and are specialized by each program.  Students should consult with an advisor before selecting educational courses. 

Core Requirements (62-63 credits)

  Course Title Credits
  HTHS1101 Medical Terminology 2
  HIM 3200 Epidemiology & Biostatistics 3
  HTHS 1110 Integrated Human Anatomy/Physiology 1 4
  HTHS 1111 Integrated Human Anatomy/Physiology 2 4
  HTHS 2230 Introductory Pathophysiology 3
  HTHS 2240 Introduction to Pharmocology 3
  HIM 2000 Introduction to Health Information Systems & Settings 3
  HIM 2250 Healthcare Privacy and Security 3
  HIM 2300 Diagnosis Coding 3
  HIM 2320 Ambulatory and Physician Office Coding 3
  HIM 2330 Healthcare Reimbursement 2
  HIM 2410 ICD-10-PCS Coding 2
  HIM 2500 Healthcare Data Management 3
  HIM 2861 Professional Practice Experience 2
  HIM 2862 Professional Practice Management 2
  HIM 2863 Professional Practice Experience in Coding 1
  HIM 3000 Health Informatics 3
  HIM 3200 Epidemiology & Biostatistics 3
  HIM 3300 Introduction to Quality Improvement in Healthcare 3
  HIM 3450 Health Care Systems Analysis & Design 3
  HIM 3500 Biomedical Research Support 2
  HIM 3550 Health Care Data Analytics 3
  HIM 3610 Advanced principles of Revenue Cycle Management 3
  HIM 4100 Health Information Services Management 3
  HAS 3000 The Healthcare System 3
  HAS 3230 Health Communication 3
  HAS 3240 Human Resource Development in Health Care 3
  HAS 3260 Health Care Administrative & Supervisory Theory 3
  HAS 3750 Health Care Financial Administration 3
  HAS 4860 Practicum/Internship 4
  HIM 4990 Baccalaureate Thesis & Presentation 3
Support Courses Required (4 credit hours)
  Course Title Credits
  MIS 2010 Business Computer Skills 1
  ACTG 2010 Survey of Accounting I 3


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  • HIM Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Information Security Manager
  • Research and Development Scientist
  • Practitioner Consultant

Average Annual Salary (RHIA)


AAS and BS degree programs accredited by CAHIIM