Acquire, Analyze, and Protect Medical Information

Every healthcare facility generates an abundance of data which includes doctors’ reports, prescriptions, x-rays, and all other services each patient receives. This information needs to be organized in a way that is useful to healthcare providers.

Health Information Management (HIM) is the area of healthcare that is responsible for acquiring, analyzing and protecting patient data. HIM professionals make sure that healthcare organizations have the right information on hand when and where it’s needed, all while maintaining the highest levels of data integrity, security and confidentiality.

15 million new jobs

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the country and represents the largest increase in new jobs over the next decade. The U.S. Labor Department estimates 15 million new jobs will be added to the national healthcare sector by 2022. With new technologies and legislation continuing to impact the healthcare sector, the demand for managing healthcare information has never been greater.


A wide variety of jobs are available in HIM, from health information technicians to data analysts and directors of health information services. These positions are vital to healthcare organizations of all sizes from private physician offices to large hospital complexes. HIM professionals may vary in education level (from high school diploma to graduate degree), but all HIM jobs require specialized training that is available at Weber State.



Weber State University's Health Information Management program is available entirely online. Students can study anytime and anywhere. This means you get the training you need on a schedule that is convenient for you.

Courses are available via Internet, Independent Study or in a traditional classroom setting.


Along with convenient study times, Weber State University offers a variety of programs in Health Information Management, boasting one of the few BS programs in the Western United States. In addition to the 4-year Bachelor’s of Science Degree, a 2-year Associate’s of Applied Science Degree, a 4-semester Healthcare Coding Certificate, and a Post-Bachelor’s Certificate are offered.

Weber State’s HIM program has multiple entry points. You can successfully join the program at every level. All HIM programs offered at WSU are accredited or certified by their respective professional organizations.


Weber State University ranks number one among Utah public institutions for lifetime return on investment. With outstanding programs, low student-to-faculty ratios (22:1) and experienced instructors who know the industry inside and out, we can help you get the training you need for the job that you want in Health Information Management.

Eighty-two percent of Weber State University’s faculty have Ph.D.'s or the highest degree available in the field.


AAS and BS degree programs accredited by CAHIIM