HIEE’s Pay is a program that employs students to participate in High Impact Educational Experiences or HIEE’s. Students are eligible to earn up to $1500 through the program and will be paid on an hourly basis. 

Participating HIEE’s that Pay


Internship (INT)

  • Take an INT course

Mentoring (MENT)

  • Be a mentor with the Elementoring program
  • Be a mentor for the College of EAST

Career Development (CDEV)

  • Participate in the CDEV for Individuals program
  • Be a student employee at Davis Campus
  • Take a CDEV designated course


Am I Eligible?

 I have completed 89 credit hours or less.
I have or will register for the Wildcat Advantage Program.
I have completed this year’s FAFSA. (Not yet? There’s still time and we can help.)
My GPA is 2.5 or higher.
I am registered for at least 12 credits this semester.




Frequently Asked Questions